Do you have the right Social Bookmarking strategy? There are some Pitfalls to avoid.

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If you have the right social bookmarking strategy then you can literally generate heaps of free traffic from social bookmarking sites like Digg, Delicious,Stumbleupon etc.

There are some major pitfalls when it comes to social bookmarking that can seriously hurt your Seo ranking and even get you banned from the social bookmarking community.It is important to remember that social bookmarking is a social community hence the word social in social bookmarking.

1. Never bookmark only your own sites as you will be seen as a selfish spammer and you will get penalized.You want to act like you are a normal person surfing the web bookmarking all kinds of different sites.Don't just bookmark business related sites.Bookmark any site that you find interesting.Then systematically bookmark your own sites and you will start to see some serious traffic coming in.

2.Never bookmark the same site with the same headline and tags in more than one social bookmarking site.This is a very poor social bookmarking strategy.Remember, again you want to come across as just a normal person who bookmarks all of their favorite sites.Why would a normal person bookmark the same site on 20 different social bookmarking sites? This is a dead giveaway and you will get penalized.

So in a nutshell your social bookmarking strategy should be to act as a normal person and bookmark all of your favorite sites you find and then systematically also bookmark your own sites.

Never bookmark the same site in two different bookmarking sites with the same title, you can bookmark the same site in different bookmarking site but don't do it all at once you will leave tracks and you wiull probably get punished by google and the bookmarking sites and always make sure you enter your tags and your title correctly when you bookmark your sites.The search engines are looking for the tags you have on your bookmarks and this strategy can bring you tons of traffic if you are patient and do things right.
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    How many different bookmarking sites do you use on a regular basis?

    Do you use one on monday and another on tuesday? Keep a notepad file with all the pages you need to bookmark?
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    Originally Posted by p1a1u1l1 View Post

    How much traffic does your social bookmarking strategy bring to your sites?

    In one of my niches concerning weight loss and a very specific product I am bringing in an average of 30 targeted uniques a day.

    This is after only three weeks of bookmarking.
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    Yes, I hate to say it but I pop my sites over at all the sites at the same time. It has not hurt me yet.

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    A lot of people are saying to bookmark a lot. I just started, and I've had nothing but more traffic and more sales. However, the OP could be right, if not now possibly in the future. It's a good thing to watch out for. Thanks for the warning, but I think I'll keep on for now.
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    I am still a little hazy with social bookmarking. Some stuff like Digg, IndianPad, and Slashdot I understand. You post an article on them and when people search for your tags it comes up in the SERPS. But whats the deal with the sites like Furl or Blinklist where you are just adding bookmarks. Do those show up in the SERPS too? How do you get visitors using those sites.
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    Here's another article that will show how you can get hurt when being seen as too spammy.

    Building on a Budget: Social Bookmarking - Internet and Network Marketing Training

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