Just a quick tip for people that use templates or hire people for website design,regarding meta tags

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i noticed a few days ago that a couple of my friends complained why google or other search engines didn't index their websites yet, tho they waited for x months or weeks, and they used ready-to-go templates or hired people. And when i looked trough their templates and found something interesting.....

Now if it seems to you that your site is not getting indexed but you have links going to your site and stuff... make sure that where you put your meta tags (description, keywords etc..)
you DON'T have this:


you should have this instead


i don't know why some template creators might want to do this..but it thought i say it for people that don't know about this type of meta tags.
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    That just crazy
    I have bought a few template and or sites and when looking at the meta tags noticed that the keywords/meta tags were all the same for every page.

    They were keyword stuffed = bad monkey no banana for you.

    The keyword/meta tags were not supported by the page content.

    Not good.

    I know many people don't even bother with these anymore but I still think it is worth the effort seo wise to get it right.

    Of course I am no seo expert.

    Anyway mho.
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      It's very important for anyone who has an online
      presence to have an understanding of basic HTML,
      regardless of whether you design your own sites
      or hire others. You should be able to look at your
      source code and comprehend it, make changes,
      corrections, etc., otherwise you will always be at
      the mercy of others and their mistakes.

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