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A few weeks ago, I launched a search for some vinyl lettering to put on my vehicles. I'm wanting to launch a local site and thought it would be a good idea to put a brief pitch and URL on my vehicle windows.

So I do the standard Google searches, check out a few sites, and I ask a few questions on some of them about design specifications, pricing, etc...

I found a great site with a really neat tool to select my vehicle and test out different copy, sizes, colors, and so on.

I place my order.

TODAY ... over 2 weeks later ... one of the companies I had emailed finally decided to get back to me with a completely unhelpful response to my question.

I had to inform them that as it had been more than two weeks since I had asked my question, the window of opportunity had passed. I had already placed my order with a competitor.

Proof that no matter what you are selling.... the fortune is in the followup!

I wonder how many sales are lost due to a lack of followup or inefficient followup?

Reminds of an experience back when I was Marketing Director for a Financial Services company in Houston TX.

We had closed a deal with a company from Tennessee.
I knew they were VERY close to one of our competitors.
I knew that the competitor was less expensive.

When we got the contract done and completed the first round of funding, I asked the business owner why they chose us over the closer, less expensive competitor.

Their answer:

Wait for it ....

"Because you called me back!"

This client stayed with us for years and generated tens of thousands in commissions for me.
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    When your in business (either on-line or off-line) Good customer service isn't an option. Either you have it or you don't have (or keep) your customers. Unfortunately your story isn't totally uncommon. Thank God for competition!
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      This afternoon, I had an appointment with an attorney at 1:30pm. I drove there, arriving on time and front desk girl said.

      "Oh, I am sorry, the attorney had to go to court. It was a last minute thing. You can either return at 4pm or reschedule for tomorrow".

      I said to her,

      "Yeah, right. Call me next time please" and left. I dropped him from the case. I am now going with another dude.
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      Originally Posted by jbolte1976 View Post

      Unfortunately your story isn't totally uncommon. Thank God for competition!
      So true!

      Some of my best customers have come to me from competitors for one reason or another. Lack of followup, lack of support, etc...

      We'll take 'em all!

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    I hear ya. That's just one of many basic, basic sales/marketing 'methods' many don't even use.

    They are free, obvious, and easy -- yet they don't get used.

    Another example (there are MANY!) -- call any business as if you are a potential customer. See if they ask, "where did you hear about us."

    This stuff KILLLLLS me!

    -- TW
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    A good AutoResponder won't replace customer service or contact. It's a tool. Used properly, it can enhance the overall experience and efficiency.

    But to continue the story... my vinyl letter package showed up today.

    I had ordered 2 sets ... one for each suburban.
    I was very excited. They look great.

    BUT .... only 1 set arrived.

    I called the number on the sales receipt.
    They apologized profusely and are getting another set out today to arrive tomorrow.

    Consider me a happy customer.

    Guess where I'll be going to do my next vinyl letter sets!
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    Happened again:

    In the aftermath of Hurricane Ike, we have repairs that need to be done.

    Contractor said he'd be here at 11AM. Showed up AFTER noon.
    No apology.
    No explanation.

    I should mention that he will be doing NO work on my house.
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    I went with Vinyl Lettering, Custom Signs, Vinyl Banners and Vinyl Decals at

    Their online tool let me see what the letters would look like on my Suburban.

    I wish I had gone bigger now but I'm getting some decent response. People definitely ask me what it's about and my list is growing daily.
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    We use to have a saying in our office... If you need money, just pick up the phone.

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      It is really sad how little customer service you get these days.

      However, these are the same people who complain that sales are down because of the economy, etc.

      They don't realize how many sales walk away because of their actions. :rolleyes:

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