Whiners and Winners, Or the Best of 2008

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I never went out there looking for this.

It was even a totally different keyword that I used, but that didn't save me from being exposed to it.

And, no, it wasn't porn; it was an article from a world-class magazine.

Aptly titled "2008 Finalists: America's Best Young Entrepreneurs," it immediately caught my eye. I was in the middle of something but had to come back to check it out ASAP. Mainly because, a name that I recognized appeared in there.

It was a list of 18 of the United State's best "under 25" entrepreneurs of 2008.

And despite the fact that they came from varying backgrounds-socially, economically and geographically-they all (or most) shared certain things in common.

These included:

  • An untamed determination
  • A sticky website
  • 25 years of age or younger.
The young entrepreneurs included a 17-year old who has a product line with WalMart, a college dropout whose local (and campus) portal was the launching pad for his business and the ambitious young man who booted the Harvard Business School to establish his own educational content website.

And did I mention that what drew me to the article was because a Warrior Forum member was on the list? There is an allusion in the article to a forum where he/she found out that people were "making six figures from their basements." S/he is expecting to make close to $3 million dollars this year from his/her membership website.

See if you can fish him/her out.:rolleyes:

By the way, I think this special report may make for a good bookmark, if the link is still there.

Grab it here 2008 Finalists: America's Best Young Entrepreneurs - BusinessWeek


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  • Profile picture of the author Angela V. Edwards
    That's cool. I'll be looking for that Warrior. Thanks for posting this, Muhammad.
  • Profile picture of the author Muhammad Jalloh
    Good luck with finding him.

    Clue: His initials are "A" and... (won't tell)
    • Profile picture of the author ExRat
      Hi Muhammad,

      Well he had 3 posts under one ID and 6 under another back in March 2006. I knew who it was straight away as I used to be a member and affiliate of his site.

      I'm just checking his posts now for more intel...

      Edit -

      I can only seem to pull up 2 of the posts. One is quite interesting because he was asking what to do with an ebook he had written and was too busy to promote 'because of other projects'...thank heaven he didn't focus on the ebook!

      I remember when I joined being impressed with the fact that right from the start he seemed to have a large staff, his newsletter was a professional looking downloadable magazine (I didn't like reading it because it was stuffed with advertising from quite impressive companies - regardless of whether I liked it, there's a big lesson there) and I also remember being impressed that he was hob-nobbing at a lot of proper ********* marketing trade fairs and such.

      I can't remember exactly when I joined, but it was near the start - but his business seemed as if it had been running for years.
  • Profile picture of the author strive4impact
    I met him at a conference. Nice guy I thought. Smart too. Once heard him on a call with Rosalind Garnder which introduced me to the idea of RSS Syndication. THat's changed my business a LOT.
    • Profile picture of the author Muhammad Jalloh
      Originally Posted by strive4impact View Post

      I met him at a conference. Nice guy I thought. Smart too. Once heard him on a call with Rosalind Garnder which introduced me to the idea of RSS Syndication. THat's changed my business a LOT.
      I am actually on both his and Rosalind Gardner mailing list, but hadn't paid much to him thus far. So, I probably missed the email for that conference call. I just became a little disillusioned with most marketers sending me what may sometime seem to be junk. Though a few still do send quality messages and offers to their lists.

      Talking of RSS, it's a sure winner for anyone who can do it intelligently. I am currently making this one of my ebiz development tools.

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