SORRY! I don't know where else to go to for help

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Would somebody be able to assist me with formatting the text on my site?

No matter what I try I can't get the text to be the same size with the same font.

I've spent more than 2 hours trying so it is not like I have not put in an effort.

My apologies for asking for help with such a trivial matter.

Many Thanks

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    Hello Phil,

    What site are you talking about?

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    CSS took me a long time to learn, but was completely worth it. Try Dave Taylor's book (Creating Cool Web Sites) on the subject. It will cut down your learning curve significantly. (This from me, the guy who will hardly ever RTFM -read the ------- manual.)

    Learning to edit the stylesheets will help a LOT. (This is one of those "Slow down to speed up" (Slow down and learn it, so you can speed up your business moving forward) lessons I wish someone had given me about 2 1/2 years ago.)
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    Your site is running Joomla. You can't edit your page in a 3rd party editor and make it look the same in your site as you see in the editor because Joomla uses CSS to style all the content on the site.

    CSS or Cascading Style Sheets are text files that keep the styling, look, positioning of text and images, font, colors and everything to do with the look and feel of the site SEPERATE from the html markup.

    You will have to edit both the CSS and the Html to make any changes to your page. You can't just play around in html and expect things to work out for you. The CSS is in charge of how everything is displaying on the page.

    You will need someone knowlesgable in Joomla and CSS to help you correct your pages, it could be a simple matter or it could be a complete nightmare I haven't taken an indepth look at your code.

    - Terry
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      Even though it might give you a headache, it could be invaluable for you to try and get a grip on this. Once you learn to isolate which part of the CSS is setting the rules regarding formatting your text, you can play around with changing it on a test site and before long you will realise that it is actually quite simple.

      Start by examining your page html code and trying to identify where it is setting the font (do a search for the word 'font' in that page's code - probably in the <head> section) and that will reveal the name of the CSS rule - (note - after inspection, this isn't the case).

      Then look for that name in your CSS stylesheet and once you find it you have cracked the first part of it. Then you just have to understand that it will probably set different font attributes for different areas of text (heading, body text etc).

      There are tons of free CSS tutorials on the net, if you have the inclination to learn this way.

      Edit -

      I would guess that you have been trying to change the font to arial (due to the html being full of 'arial' tags) but the CSS is setting it to verdana?

      Here is the location of your main stylesheet that is called in the code -

      Hope this is correct because I'm no web designer either...

      Edit2 - it is quite complicated because of the template that you are using. For example I can see that the template is using javascript to create transitions (I think that's for when you mouseover the menu) and it also has seperate stylesheets to make sure that it displays correctly in internet explorer.

      Conclusion - you need someone who knows what they are doing to tweak these stylesheets or you will be pulling your hair out for many more days...

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