where should we submit articles to?

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i have 3 questions please.

1)where should we submit articles too?

2)how many should we write daily for 1 site?

3)should we hire a article writer to save time? as we other sites to manage?

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    1) I only submit my articles to EzineArticles and Goarticles, sometimes to articlesbase. They are the best ones in my opinion.
    2) More articles= more views= more traffic.
    It depends on how much you can write.
    3) It depends on you again. If you would write 2-3 articles a day, it's not always worth to hire a ghostwriter for all of them. I usually hire writers for only the "more important articles" (the ones that are probably going to rank well in SE's), because my english is not so well and I don't want to lose a lot of visitors because of it.
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      ok thanks for the reply but if we hire a writer do you think the can do a better job for
      us? include all the keywords etc?

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