What Keyword Research tools Are You Using?

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Hi Warriors!

I am just new to idea of using a keyword to eliminate the brainstorming part for me and just create lists of keywords related to a base keyword. Till now, I have done everything manually. And I am sure you will agree with me when I say it takes a lot of time.

But lately I have heard a lot of noise aobut these various softwares and tools that not only dig into the lists and find relevant keywords, but also classify them into subcategories so as to just copy and paste them into a particular ad group.

I am thinking that would be amazing!

I know I have been asking a lot of questions this week... but as the champs say... ASKING is the key to miving upwards. And I am a fan of automation.

Please be kind enough to name a few softwares that you are using for PPC Keyword research and how they have helped you... Or in other words, your raings of these tools.

Thanks a giga ton

P.S. By helping me on this one you will surely also help a lot of other people on this forum that need same kind of help and advice.
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