Would you buy one site at 6000$ or 6 at 1000$

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I'm wondering what would be the best solution if you want to invest money in websites. Buy a few that are making 100 to 200$ per month, or buy a bigger site that makes close to 1000$ per month.

Will it be easier to grow your single site into something bigger and make more money, or it would be easier with the smaller sites.

Anyone can share their experience on the subject. Also I was wondering if there are any guides that show you how to spot the good websites to buy and how to make them grow. I'm not looking at flipping them, but really find a site that is a bargain and make it grow into something that is slightly automated and making at least 1000$ per month.
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    For me it all depends on the steadiness of the traffic and
    the amount of income each site gets.

    If I was going to make more by buying 6 I would do that.
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      Hi alex,

      I've studied flipping for a month before I found this site. So I will add my two cents here.

      In your case it depends. Specially on profitability. Since you are flipping to earn.

      Things you should check:

      1. Income source (Membership or products based)
      2. Traffic
      3. Content
      4. Profitability

      Market value:

      1. www.websitevaluecalculator.com

      Payment options:

      Can it be purchased on an installment basis
      (50% now, 50% over 5 months)

      The final advice is due diligence, who knows what we may discover under the rug.

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