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This might seem like a newbie question but that only because I am

When you are writing articles to be included in your site, is it best to have them based
only one 1 keyword but with variations?

For example:
best "registry" fix
windows "registry" checker
"registry" repair tool

On my site I have constructed articles based around maybe 5-6 keywords.
I did this because I thought I could catch people that searches for many different keywords.
But in doing so there are many articles that don´t feature my main keyword.
I´ve tried to rewrite them but I can´t insert my main keywords in many of them, i just reads wrong and unnatural.
So now only half of the articles features my main keyword.

Should I delete those articles, write new ones so that all my articles only focuses one 1-3 keywords?

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    When writing articles for any site, i would only concentrate on one keyword or phrase.

    You will never rank high for any of the keywords if you have 5 or 6.

    Write a seperate article for each keyword.
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      I mostly write around 2-3 main keywords and use them in a variation in the title if possible, so I can cover all of them.

      If you are concentrating only for 1 keyword, your article gets boring (if you always use the same phrases), that's why 2-3 keywords are better and more effective of course.

      By the way,
      best "registry" fix
      windows "registry" checker
      "registry" repair tool

      are 3 keywords/keyphrases. If you have meant "registry" as a keyword, than yes, use just one per article
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    Put your main keyword in the title of the article and a few times in the body of the article.

    Then sprinkle 2 or 3 of the lesser traffic keywords throughout the article. Even mentioning the secondary keywords once in your article can many times get you ranked on the word.

    No need to write an article for each keyword.


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