Get Involved....or Get Lost!!!

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well Not exactly, have to get involved if you are going to make it with IM.

There is no doubt that contributing will add to your bottom line
and get visitors to your site.

We keep hearing about social media, contributing to forums,
writing articles, etc.

It's true....just get involved. Yes it takes time...but if you
stay grounded and keep focused on Realistic goals and objectives
you will begin to see results.

On of the main thing to remember is to be yourself and sincere.

Ok...just had to throw this out there...because I am practicing what
I am preaching and cannot believe the difference a few months of
"Focused" hard work has made with my online business.

Wishing everyone Success
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    Sean, I'm lost which is the way to Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyendrobwllllantysilio gogogoch from Hong Kong? :p
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    I disagree Sean. I think you can do just fine by focusing on putting stuff people want in front of people who want it. I'm not saying the some people might do well adding the social stuff to their mix, but it's definitely not 'necessary' by a long way.

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