If your Flipping Websites, you may be losing $1,000's because of this...

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Hey Warriors,

While helping a student of mine today, I wanted to make an important note that I frequently stress, but some don't remember.

The system in which you are running a site on is extremely important. If you plan on flipping your site please be aware of the investor and notice that most of your investors will have no idea how to write code, or even add value to the site.

This is why we use Wordpress a lot, because wordpress is simple enough for a new owner to add value, update, and understand since it has an integrate word processor instead of code.

Case Study

We wanted to test the theory on platforms and systems, so we created two a like sites in the same niche, similar content, similar product with minor adjustments.

One site was built within wordpress and another was built on a Joomla platform.

Both after two weeks were doing about $100 per month, and getting a decent amount of traffic.

We priced them both at $750

Using our resources of an investor list we gathered decent interest in both sites, but gained more questions over the Joomla site over the wordpress site. In fact, when it came down to the sell point.

Wordpress site sold for $700
Joomla sold for $350

No one knew how to use a Joomla platform, how adjust code, how to upload themes....

This is just one example of losing money on a flip because of your choice of platform.


So whether you are building a membership site, blog, information hub, classified ads site, business directory, etc...

keep in mind that the scripts you use or platforms and systems, must be easy to use for the new owner.

A few ways to get away from this and add more value to your flip, is by creating a new owner user manual. We do this with every flip that we do.

This manual shows them the basics, the uploads, the updates, adding content, adding advertisers, adding pages, etc...

It also provides resources and information to learn more, which, we so happily embedd with affiliate links...

Now, even after the flip we still earn dollars because people need more information and more resources....

Just some food for thought.

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  • Profile picture of the author Jon Alexander
    great advice - what does wordpress cost to have it on your own site?
  • Profile picture of the author Todd Walker
    Hey Jon,

    Well the developmental costs, tons of time put into the system, and all the above come to an outrageous price of:


    WordPress › Blog Tool and Publishing Platform
  • Profile picture of the author tommygadget
    That is why I posted about my flipping a blog. Anyone can add posts to a blog once it is setup.

    • Profile picture of the author Bruce NewMedia
      Todd your post is really very important.

      Lots of people who are building sites to flip are using tools like Dreamweaver etc. While great in their own right these high-end pro tools are often unusable by the average joe, except with considerable training.

      AND, many buyers will want to do it themselves instead of having to pay a webmaster for every little change. So, I could see where many would be less interested in a site built with Joomla, for instance.
      Good to keep this in mind - thanks

  • Profile picture of the author Dave Cornish
    Thanks Todd. I really enjoyed this advice. It complements your WSO course very nicely.
  • Profile picture of the author Zeus66
    I would just add that PHP can be a real godsend in terms of greatly simplifying a new owner's ability to change things quickly and with minimal headache. I have sites set up with a config.php file that makes changing things like Adsense, links, and text in the contents of each page a breeze. Best of all, it's incredibly easy to instruct a site buyer, as in:

    Step 1: Open the config.php file
    Step 2: Change this to that
    Step 3: Save
    Step 4: Close

    You can, of course, even add explicit instructions within the PHP itself to make it nearly foolproof. I think making the transition to the new owner easier in any way adds value and makes the site worth more, as Todd pointed out with respect to WP vs. Joomla. Same concept with PHP includes.

    • Profile picture of the author TheRichJerksNet
      This is why I custom build all my sites and not use any free software. All clients are provided support for life, instructions, videos, and etc.. These clients and their members alike have complimented me on the easy to use interface and user friendly navagation on my sites.

  • Profile picture of the author sideserver
    Great information, Todd.

    I just wanted to add that for smaller sites (20 pages or less), static sites sell even better than the wordpress sites. All you have to do is upload the pages on a new server and you're good to go, as opposed to wordpress where you have to backup a database, do a restore (or a cpanel backup etc.).

    I do think your sale was a little undervalued, though. For a site that does around $100 a month, you could have easily sold for $1000.
  • Profile picture of the author Gunter Eibl
    Hi Todd,

    I'm more interested in how you got your sites to earn $100 a month in such a short time?

    • Profile picture of the author logosi
      good info... like your site at SiteRev5 is that WP? If so what template? And like the previous post, share with us getting the quick revenue, since that is crucial in flipping.

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