Who else thinks, "Family Guy" is an amazing piece of marketing work?

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So, in this conversation today and we decided Family Guy is an amazing piece of marketing work...

Every time they go to a flash back, if they simply went to an affiliate product instead, they would make so much money.

In your blog posts, you should almost do something similar to Family Guy, and retract back to your old methods, and make use of some things in the past that worked for you.

Like the one time, I split of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston using some Spam tactics.

But seriously, it's like a reverse psychology of some sort.
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    Has this worked for you?

    Or did you start a thread because you thought of the whole Pitt and Aniston joke this morning ?
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    I think you wrote that too fast, because I can hardly understand what you're trying to say.

    But I think I got the basic idea, and agree Family Guy is a great show for many reasons. I think a lot of bloggers (especially IM savy ones) do exactly what you suggest, when they mention something in their post and link the word or sentence to a previous blog post that covers it in more detail... and may talk about or otherwise promote an ebook or software related to whatever it is.

    And more specific to what you suggest, Family Guy and other shows COULD feature a specific product in the flashbacks or in any part of the show. In fact, in this age of TIVO, streaming video, and torrents, etc I think product placement in TV shows is going to be the best way to feature their sponsors/advertisers since viewers have lots of ways to skip or remove advertisements entirely.

    Some companies already pay for product placement in movies - dunno if it's moved to television yet, but it should.

    That's my 2 cents.

    - Steve

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