needs a new site review...

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Fellow Warrior Members,

Please take a moment and give a NEW site review. Please see signature link below to review site.

The graphics have been redone; old graphics, header etc are at .

Please let me know if you like the new graphics.

We will now be making changes thematically.

Stay Golden,

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  • Profile picture of the author kimbollia2
    The new sales page looks awesome. It's very slick and attention grabbing now and a huge improvement to what it was before.

    Good Job!
  • Profile picture of the author warrior2008
    Yes, sales page is being reworked now and disclaimer, privacy policy was not reloaded due to text pumping off the page. Thanks for the heads up. Virtually no one knows we are live yet, so thanks for that.

  • Profile picture of the author sparrow
    what affiliation do you have with Lance Groom or are you Lance

    I saw you ran a WSO for the water for car, is this a affiliate product just like the rest of them?

    • Profile picture of the author warrior2008
      Sparrow, just sent you a PM. Also please PM me on your SEO services if you have them available. Looks like you might know a thing or two here...

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