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Why make it so IM-centric people?

Just took a look at a few blogs, and many are trying to do the usual IM blog thingy with their WF Blog.

While it is cool, and it is your right, but why dont you try to maximise the potential of the blog?

Use it to express who you are, and what you are behind the facade. Reveal yourself, and maybe once in a while, tell US about you, not your product, or your IM "lecture" :p. Use it to network with your online friends, rather than make it another lifeless blog talking about all things work.

Maybe people have not noticed, but if you do the blog thing rite, you can even be a succesful resident blogger in the WF, and that can give you a lot of weight.

Think about it

-Yeah, i blog too
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    Hi Suthan...

    Personally I haven't got started yet with mine... BUT.. I do plan to focus more on myself (shallow I know ;-) ).. my IM blog is for IM.. my WF blog will be to show more of myself to people, well... the odd person who may accidentally stumble across it when looking for something

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      Hey Jay,

      From the number of people who have taken the poll, i guess a few agree that they rather have a informal blog to read rather than a marketing blog. Its still early to tell, but hey, this can help many people who wants to write in here.

      It aint shallow *i have to agree, as i plan to do what you do* , but its just you showing the world who you really are.

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