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Just a little warning to everyone. I was looking at my stats and saw a wacky domain name as a referring domain. Went and looked at it and it was a list of thousands of usernames for hosting accounts.

Remember when you set up your domain and just used the default first 6 letters of the domain? This makes it incredibly easy for anyone with a Password cracker to just set it to keep trying combinations until they get in.

It might take them a long time or they might get lucky.

Bottom line when you set up a new domain at your host and are adding your username and password. Change the username to something hard to guess.

Just a reminder;

I did the same thing for years using the default. But after seeing all my usernames listed, that gets me thinking.

Any comments?
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    My domain got hacked once.
    It was my fist website, and I hadn't even started promoting it.
    He "stole" my account, so I couldn't log in. Luckily, I was lgged in on another computer, and managed to take it back immediately.

    The hackers had only changed my index file to "Haxxed. Sorry..." or something.
    Anyways, I found it strange to hack a domain without any traffic OR content!
    So it must be some software doing it to many domains I guess...
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      I thought changing the default password of anything was the first thing savvy users do. I never leave default passwords for anything and haven't for years.

      When I bought my first house it came with a burgular alarm fitted and my first 2 jobs were changing all the locks and the alarm code. Better safe than sorry I thought. Everything online is far more vulnerable than my house. Like most things in life it comes down to common sense and being prepared to make the extra effort.

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