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Hello everyone,

I just started a new blog via worpress. It is about sex education and how to improve in bed.

I like the general look of it, but something seeems missing. Yes, I know I need to build a list and I will get that very soon, but something else. Where would I put my affiliate product without seeming like I'm in it for the money?

Also, I am getting about a 10% CTR on Ezine. Is that good?


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    Cloaking your affiliate links. Also give good information.
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    That's a good niche but limited to adsense...
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      Hi Max,

      I think there are many products in

      Always do a relevant link from a related keywords.

      Let's say, "After I have read many other sex tips from these websites, I feel that...."

      You can do a link from "sex tips" or "websites".

      This is one of the millions of variations you can come up with.

      Observe how you click on other people's links. And that is how others will click on yours.

      Don't limit your ideas to just adsense.

      Ask yourself what your market want or need. (Go do your market research if you have yet to...)

      Ask yourself how you can tie in the related products with your blog. Go visit other sites and model them. =)

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    I feel you need to have some semi-eroctic pictures on your blog - not porn of course - just ones that instantly let people know this site is about sex. Currently it looks like it's about literature or accounting.

    Also have you heard of the Yaro Storak? He's a master blogger and his free email course is very helpful:
    Make Money Blogging | Blog Profits Blueprint by Yaro Starak

    Good luck...
    :-) Beaumont
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    I will be sure to put up some pictures to let people know it is about sex. Thanks for the tip.

    As for the relevant link thing. I understand completely now. This is kinda like what you do with your list except your doing it with a blog post. Thanks a bunch. Everyone for your help

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