What is the 'Stopming the Search Engines/Stompernet' Business model?

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Hi, I've just received an email from Stompernet about their new range of free bonuses.

Stomping The Search Engines 2

I'd had already signed up to this launch, but I'm trying to figure out their business model behind all this.

They are giving such a large amount of free products away, but then I guess when you claim your free product (and pay just for shipping) they upsell you. I certainly spent $200, but it seemed good value as I didn't have those products.

I assume the partners who provide the free bonuses (see new video) will have access to the list in the future, and feature in their new monthly journal.

I'm sure there is a masterplan (could be list building) - which leads to higher ticket items and maximisng life time value.

Any ideas on what the master business model is?

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    They gave all that free stuff away to get you to try out their monthly newsletter. If you don't unsubscribe, you will be getting charged monthly. And yes, they have a good backend which is why they give stuff away for free.

    Backend products is where most of the money is made. Selling to your existing customers is always easier then finding new ones. And one reason why you should give out free stuff (with high value) is that it can create rapport and trust with the prospect asap..
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    I think the monthly journal is only $20, so I guess it is a volume game.

    Say 5,000 customers at $20 per issue = $100k/mth or $1.2m per year.

    I'm sure there is much more to it than this. These guys can do $1m in 10 minutes if they want to!
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      They also have a 800/mt membership which is sold out as well as other businesses in other niche areas. A lot of times in the info product marketing, at the top of the funnel would be seminars or some type of coaching programs. Coaching and seminar companies can bring in big time money.

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