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Hi I am fairly new to the internet marketing scene so I am not sure what will work and what wont. If anyone can give some HONEST tips about what might be some good ways to drive more traffic to my site that would be awesome. My site right now is just a blog explaining how internet marking works and some tips on how to save money in this struggling economy.
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    I would be happy to help. If you can ask specific questions, I'll give you specific answers. I'm sure it would be a valuable thread to other members who are newer to IM, and lurkers too.

    For traffic, the first thing you want to do is learn Search Engine Optimization - so that you can get targeted traffic from free search engine listings. If you want details, I'd be happy to put some simple tips in the next post (just let me know).

    Second, Social Networking is a great method of making connections and bringing new visitors into your site. Social Media properties (like Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, etc) are particularly "hot" right now.
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      Ok I would love some tips about search engines. I have a facebook account but I have been struggling to get people interested in coming BACK to my page. Right now I have a blog(which is linked in my signature) which gives newbies like me some advise.
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    Well if you check out my site i have some great beginner traffic tips and tricks which will lead you into the bigger things that can help your site , i also have tutorials for various promotions
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      I have a traffic generation series on my blog for newbies!
      Also lots of articles and info that should get you going in the right direction!
      My blog is in my sig - read on!
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    I've had some good luck with article marketing. While I haven't (yet) used any article submission software, I've done some manual submission to with good success.

    Whenever I read about article marketing, the benefit espoused is that webmaster can grab your articles, post 'em on their sites and send 'em in their newsletters, giving you backlinks and publicity. I don't think that happened in my case; instead I noticed my articles ranking super high in Google for my niche, very quickly I might add. I heard has a high PR site, so that must be the reason.

    Another reason, too, is that I took the time to read and follow each of's editorial requirements. They are quite stringent, but the site is quite prestigious as far as article directories goes, so I figured it was worth it. And the payoff, in terms of extra traffic, while not torrential, is certainly helpful.

    Quick question: Not to sound insulting, but if you're new to this (I'm semi-new myself) I wonder if you're getting ahead of yourself by writing a blog about how IM works. You may come across as someone who's just regurgitating info you've just learned or heard, and the niche of making money online is oversaturated as it is. Again, not trying to jump down your throat here, but it might be a common beginner's trap you're falling into. Perhaps better to spend your time finding a niche with less competition. Sounds like you're already finding a good place with your money-saving tips in the current economy. (Maybe micro-niche it with a subspecialty? Saving money while traveling in this economy? etc...)

    Just my 2 cents.
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      About SEO - here's a basic rundown:

      First you have to choose keyword phrases that are highly relevant to each of your web pages. You also have to research those to make sure they are getting searched for. Every web page should be optimized for a unique keyword phrase (you want a strong "message to market match" - meaning your keywords are highly relevant to what the page offers). Dont use keyword phrases that are too general. "Longtail" meaning 3-4 word phrases are easier to rank for, and convert better.

      Next, you have to optimize each page of your site. To simplify it you can put your keyword phrase: in the file name (keywordphrase.html), in the Title (meta tag), in the Text Header (h1, h2 or h3 near the top of the page), and within the content a few times (as naturally as possible).

      Make sure you have good keyword-rich internal link structure, meaning you have navigation and also interlink relevant pages contextually.

      Inbound links are an important part of your optimization as well. You want links from other websites (that you dont own). Preferrably you want highly relevant content pages linking to your pages (relevant meaning they are both on the same topic, or related topic).

      Dont just get links to your "home page" - get links to every page of your site or blog. Internal linking helps with theming, and also helps your site as a whole get better rankings.

      That's a very basic overview, but should prove a helpful start.

      source: Keyword Placement: Page Optimization Basics
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    I would recommend that you do the optimization FIRST, and then invest time in other marketing strategies while the search engines are "doing their magic". Just my 2c.

    Any more questions, fire away! This could become a very resourceful thread (minus all the "click my sig" posts)...
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      Thank you VERY much Lynn Terry and homeslice but I do have a couple more questions. Are there any other things like adsense where I get paid if people click? I don't have the money to pay per click or make my own product so I am trying to figure out a cheap way to keep my site going.

      And seriously enough with the click my sig. Its annoying.
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    I second the suggestion for CPA networks over PPC.

    They convert quite well if you make them relevant and the payout is much higher.
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      Ok so I know I need a new niche but I just bought a new domain so I haven't decided what to put on that domain. So you are saying if I invested a bit of money in PPC I will most likely get it back and more?
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    jimewing2121, personally I highly recommend you follow Lynn Terry and listen very close to everything she has to say. She is very successful online and has helped countless people get their start.

    Forums can have a lot of good advice but can also be a little overwhelming at times with ten different ideas pulling you in 20 different directions.

    It's always a good idea to know your direction and focus on that. Fortunately Lynn is an expert at it!

    Can't recommend her enough!

    Mike Hill
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    Thank you Mike By the way, Mike Hill is one to keep your eye on as well - if I'm not mistaken you have a new group for newbies. Is that right, Mike?

    Back to the topic, I do NOT recommend pay-per-click for starting out. Its very easy to dump a lot of money into it and not see the returns you're hoping for. My advice is always this: invest the $50 into Perry Marshall's guide to Adwords and then STUDY it. Otherwise you'll lose at least that much trying to figure it out on your own - if not hundreds more.

    PPC (specifically Adwords) is a great way to test keywords, and find out which convert best for your offer -specifically. But it does take skill. I would recommend you start out with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Social Media. Especially with your target market.

    Both are free, and give you an opportunity to get feedback and do some testing on your own while you continue to grow the business model.

    Ultimately, CONTENT will be your key. Have something useful to contribute to the niche, and that will be the roots of your future success.
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      Alright well I guess I have a lot to work on. But I seriously just don't feel like my niche is strong enough. How could I optimize it? And do I HAVE to promote a product? Like i see everyone here is promoting a product that people buy. Is there no way to make money by just giving tips and what not?
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      Originally Posted by Lynn Terry View Post

      Thank you Mike By the way, Mike Hill is one to keep your eye on as well - if I'm not mistaken you have a new group for newbies. Is that right, Mike?

      Sorry for the late response... Hard to keep up to all my posts lately... LOL

      Watch out for Newbies On Fire it will be HOT!

      That's all I can say for now -- I don't want to be accused of promoting in the thread

      Mike Hill
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    There's Adsense like you mentioned before, but its a lower payout in your niche... and not the money you could earn with affiliate programs or pay-per-lead offers.
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    Hi Jim,

    You can read my story on the Success forum or by clicking on my signature line. I was totally broke with thousands in bills coming due. That's when I turned to Internet Marketing and I made a more than $12,000 in just over 5 weeks and spent under $100 in ebooks and supplies.

    I investing a lot of time writing a blog and two eBooks to sell. But the time was well worth it! I still make a good income from the blog and it's kind of seasonal, so I expect things to pick up in the coming months to get back to making $5K or more each month.

    Check my story out. No log-in, just my story to give back to forum folks and to encourage newbies that this business is worthwhile if you are willing to focus and invest a little money and a lot of time!
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    The easiest and BEST way to get started is with niche blogging. I have tried many different business models and it is by far my favorite.
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    Hi, i believe that article marketing and forum marketing are the best free ways to drive traffic to your website if you're diligent enough. If you do have a decent budget to start up, then PPC advertising would be a great choice, but PPC is not that easy to handle.

    Here're some of the best article submission sites:

    good luck!
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    Anyone who purchases the membership being advertised through http"// has to deal with copyright issues. It even states on the bottom of the product page, UnlimitedDownloadCenter
    "The purchase of a membership, however, is not a license to upload or download copyrighted material. We urge you to respect copyright and share responsibly."

    Do you remember the Napster case? Napster was shut down because everyone was downloading music for free and not paying for it. The music industry was able to sue people for thousands of dollars for giving away copyrighted music for free. Sure, there are many people who download music, movies, and games for free. 99.9 % of these people will never be prosecuted. Since a lot of this technology is new, a lot of the copyright laws are still being redefined by the courts. It also depends on where you live. Different countries have different laws about this.
    Honestly, if you promote this product, it is highly unlikely that you will ever be held liable for copyright infringement. I still wouldn't promote this product based on the 1 in 100,000 chance that you could get sued for thousands of dollars for assisting people to download copyrighted music, movies, and games for free. Take my advice for what its worth. As a newbie myself, I am trying to promote products that are ethical and won't potentially open myself up to liability down the road.
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      I see your point with the copy write but I am not selling the product. I am just giving a review and links to their site. But I see what you are saying. Thank you
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    So what is everyone else's experience with google adsense? What is your biggest pay for a single click.

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