How to get 1 sale per day starting today?!

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Ok, guyz and gulz!

I am not a big super hot known IM guru... Many people know OF me on a few IM forums... But my name is not known (yet). So, getting IM related sales isn't as easy for me!

Well, here comes my question! What would YOU do, to start making at least 1 sale per day in the IM niche? As an affiliate or as a publisher - your choice!

I am comfortable with most tools and techniques, I also have an AWEBER account - and getting 10-20 daily subscribers (IM Newbies )... So, spill your beans!

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    Video marketing, article marketing to a squeeze page with a lengthy follow-up with additional articles littered with cloaked affiliate links.

    Frank Bruno
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    - After they optin id direct them straight to a cheapish sales page ($7.97 works well for me)

    - and whatever the free gift they get once opting in, id have that same product advertised within the free ebook (if it is an ebook you're offering)

    - Have the URL advertised at the bottom of every autresponder msg you send out

    - Pay a few article writers to write your articles and have your sales page link in your resource box in every article

    - Participate in JV giveaways (offer your free gift and then they will be redirected to your sales page. - you will get a lot of visitors/optins using Giveaways)

    That should be a good start.

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