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    From the Bluehost website:

    Our professional Web Hosting plans include all the features you are looking for at the best possible price.

    UNLIMITED Hosting Space (NEW!)
    UNLIMITED File Transfer (NEW!)
    web hostingHost UNLIMITED Domains!!!
    2,500 POP/Imap Email Accounts
    SSH (Secure Shell), SSL, FTP, Stats
    CGI, Ruby (RoR), Perl, PHP, MySQL
    2000/2002 Front Page Extensions
    Free Domain Forever!
    Free Site Builder (NEW)
    24/7 Superb/Responsive Sales/Support

    ... which means yes.
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    I use hostgator's baby package. I have 30 websites under one hosting account for $9.95 per month.

    You can use coupon code WORDPRESS to get the first month for a penny.
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      Originally Posted by Charles Montgomery View Post

      I use hostgator's baby package. I have 30 websites under one hosting account for $9.95 per month.

      You can use coupon code WORDPRESS to get the first month for a penny.
      This is what I did too. Hostgator has good tech. support, up to date software, cPanel which is awesome and no problems with downtime.
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    It's possible as you can see several hosting packages online that state "unlimited domains". The problem with this is, are all of the domains in the same niche?

    If the domains are in the same niche then hosting on the same host with the same I.P. might not be as effective as hosting them with unique I.P. addresses.

    I personally use and you can host up to 200 domains on 10 unique class c I.P. addresses so that I can have multiple sites on the same hosting account and look like they are unique and separate. This package actually runs $79.99 a month.

    I've used reseller accounts in the past and they work fine as long as each site is about a different niche topic.

    Good luck to you!
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      I think the way it works is that the websites are hosted on sub-domains, which are similar to sub-directories. You setup a subdomain and point your domain name to the sub-domain. The host server then sends visitors to the sub-domain. It looks just like an independently hosted domain but in fact it is sharing hosting with your original domain.

      Your host should have a FAQ or help section that explains this process in more detail.
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    I have my sites hosted through Bluehost and the server that I'm on has hundreds of sites on it...I have about a dozen or so...all share the same IP. You can either buy your domain through Bluehost or GoDaddy or whoever and then transfer it over...

    The domain is just a folder on the server...the domain ( points to that folder on that server's IP address. I'm not going to get too technical and try to explain about DNS but just believe me...when you register the domain it will ask for the name of the "name server" (dns sever) which will tell anyone trying to get to your domain what server to go to and the server will "serve up" the correct folder with the index.html file in it.

    Bluehost has a bunch of tutorials on how to use cpanel which is just an interface that allows you to set up email accounts and check stats and move files and folders and a bunch of other stuff that you'll have fun with once you get the hang of things. Their support is stellar and they'll really help you.

    The point is that it's easy to do and once you choose a hosting company they will help you with won't be left twisting in the worries man! You'll be telling folks how DNS works and what a class c ip address is until their eyes glaze over
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    You can use addon domain to host multiple domains (websites)
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      Originally Posted by steveniam View Post

      You can use addon domain to host multiple domains (websites)
      This is true.
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    I'd just call them...Bluehost (888) 401-4678...I hate waiting on that chat thing on any site! A phone call gets priority in the queue
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    Get Hostgator with the Baby account option.
    You have unlimited domains for right around $10 a month.

    Really cant beat it!
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      Originally Posted by JWB View Post


      Get Hostgator with the Baby account option.
      You have unlimited domains for right around $10 a month.

      Really cant beat it!
      They are not seperate domains on the baby plan with shared hosting.

      All they are is a sub-domain which is nothing but a folder added for each one under the main domain.

      To actually have seperate domains under one account - get a reseller server at HostGator.

      Each domain will be a seperate domain on a reseller server and will not affect each other.

      A reseller server at HG is 24.95 a month and you can host as many seperate domains on it as you want to without the monthly price changing.

      That's what I do.
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    You can use multiple domain on one hosting if the host allowed ADDON DOMAINS

    That's the thing you should know. Have a look on any host site for this feature before you buy.

    Later on you need to setup the dns setting on your domain panel, and setup the domain on your host panel. That's the basic will do.

    And Baby Package from hostgator get my high recommendation.
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    I have multiple niche ebook websites hosted with hostgator the baby package. What you do it logon to the first cpanel you created and then use the 'add on' domain button to add extra domains.

    Once this is done they will all be available from the drop down list.

    I find the best way to make money is to make it look like there is nothing to buy on your website. Give your customers lots of content, get them to opt in to your list and follow up for at least 7 days. Normally after 7 days they will buy a ebook or clickback products or send them to a CPA offer etc.

    Its all about building that relationship, its so importaint. Keep them happy and they will buy from you or take the action you want them to take. Build that list - 'the money is in the list!'

    All the best to your success
    Andrew Reeve

    PS - Check out niche profit classroom, I am using it to build silent sales machines online.
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    If you go to its a hosting comparison site and will give you all the info regarding unlimited host and domain packages etc.
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    I use Unlimited domains, unlimited bandwidth, you can add them as addon domains. Justhost has a great Cpanel with all the bells and whistles. They have a good selection of tutorial videos to help you with things like this. It's only $7.95 a month. I have been really happy with them.
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    Okay, here is what I did. I bought two domain names from namecheap. Then I went to Hawkhost and bought a reseller's plan (although you can do the same thing with a regular plan). Next I went into the cpanel for my Hawkhost account and told it to open two accounts with the names I had registered at namecheap. Then I went back to namecheap and told the nameservers there that the hosting was over at hawkhost. About 20 hours later my websites were operational.

    There is a button for what you want to do. You just have to find it.
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    Any Microsoft web host using IIS.

    A single IP address can host unlimited domains using host header records.

    Using DotNetNuke, you can launch a theoretical unlimited number of websites using the same codebase.
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    I use, I have a deluxe account for linux, and all you do is add domains to the account as many as you want, it costs me $6.99 per month....
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    Hey Kory:

    Steveniam and Paul Becky are right... Go to your Cpanel and scroll down to Adddomain. Go to where ever you bought your domain (Godaddy, etc) and point it (via nameservers icon) to the BlueHost DNS servers (probably something like and -- find out at BlueHost) and it SHOULD work without conflicting with any other site.

    Having said that, I set an Adddomain up this morning that wouldn't work. I submitted a support ticket and they got it resolved within an hour.

    Sounds complicated and hard at first, Kory, but once you've done it the first time, it's a piece of cake from then on. If you get stuck, keep coming back and asking more questions.

    Go forth and do great things!


    Having said that, I just did that
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    This and similar question comes of very often . I answered a few weeks ago and may be this thread on the same topic is of value to you.
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    I think for your purposes, a bluehost or hostgator account will be just fine. I used bluehost and have dozens of domains on on the same hosting plan. Bluehost support is awesome too! They pick up their phones very quickly and have always been very helpful.

    I am also offering discounts on both of these in my sig. about $50 off. I only mention it here because this thread is centerered around hosting and thought it might be helpful. If not, let me know.
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    I use atphosts and dreamhost and it goes in th eadonsites dep as outlined above

    However wanted to add that I have found the best way is to submit a ticket and ask for a tutorial
    I have then either been send a short vidoe or a step by step process.
    this usually takes longer I agree but i can go at it in my own time.
    Dreamhost have been excellent in getting back to me before now.

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    hey, hi, take it from a guy that started his first project with an 18 website idea.

    don't do it!!

    start with one or two and only then go bigger.

    if you have already expressed the fact that you are a newbie then take care.
    you run the risk of getting tied up in technical details forever.

    having said that both blue host and hostgator are excellent hosting companies.

    good packages and c panel.

    take care out there.

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