Has anyone used Affiliate Announce?

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Hey guys,

Has anyone used any of Affiliate Announce's services?

Affiliate Program Directory Submissions Done For You - AffiliateAnnouncement

Any feedback on which services to use, etc.?

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    I'm also interested in feedback for this program. If anybody has used it with positive results, please share here!
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      I haven't used it for years and also never hear any feedback which concerns me, because if anyone was using or talking about it I would hear about it.

      Affiliate Announce lowest package 295
      Affiliate First is only 59 and I used to hear good things about it.
      THey both submit to something like 50 directories and there just aren't more that a handful of directories that are worth anything.

      Thing is no one uses affiliate directory submission any more because most directories aren't kept up and hardly any affiliates use directories to find programs. It's really not as viable as it once was.

      If you want to do directories HERE IS WHAT I WOULD DO.
      Here is the list of the top affiliate directories according to Google PR.
      Only the top 10 - 12 are worth submitting to.
      Google Directory >Affiliate Programs > Resources > Directories

      (SKIP #4 which is my 5 Star Affiliate Directory, as it's not an open directory, it's exclusive and I don't take any submissions. Skip #7 as it's only for casinos.)

      Hope this helps and best of luck!

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