Newbie seeks honest help in Minneapolis area

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Ok, I'm new to this, but intrigued beyond belief.

In my pursuits I have found this amazing WF.

My next question is this....

Is there anyone successfully running an IM business in the Minneapolis area that would like to get a beer sometime and just let me pick their brain?

Nothing to deep, and no need to divulge secrets or proprietary techniques, but rather just to quickly bring me up to speed on some basics.

Oh, and by the way, I'll buy the beer....

PM me or reply.

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    I'm not in the Minneapolis area anymore, but I used to be. And I love that area. I'd be glad to hel you get up to speed. Feel free to PM me with ANY questions that you may have.
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      You're in Luck! There is a super Internet Marketing conference coming to Minneapolis next weekend, you can find out all about it here: Midwest Internet Marketing Super Conference - With Jeff Mills

      It's only $147 if you sign up before Saturday (when it TRIPLES!), which is a crazy good price for a 3 day conference. If you're attending, let me know via PM and we can meet up there (I'm driving up from Missouri).



      PS - Not that you need it at this low price, but here's a special discount code for the first 5 folks, should save you some $$ if you act fast: MSC08DA
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    Thanks Dave, I'll check it out...

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