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I am curious how you make a page within a page in wordpress. Let me give you an example.

Every time you create a new page in wordpress it shows up on the home page. I do not want that.

You create a page that is titled "Animals" so on that page is all your animal pictures and what not, but in order to read what they are specifically you have to click on a picture/link with that page.

The problem is, how do I make the a page for a "Horse" a page, but not let it show up on the home page? I hope I have made myself clear.

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    I think you're getting posts and pages mixed up...

    On a standard WP install a post will show up on the homepage until it cycles off the homepage.

    Creating a "page" will give you a static page that will not show on the homepage. Go to the MANAGE section of your blog and you will see the difference between POSTS and PAGES (assuming that you have created both).

    So to answer your question... Create a PAGE titled Animals. Now create another PAGE titled Horses. Now go back to your Animals page and add the picture/link to your Horses page.

    Keep creating new pages for your animals and linking to them from your main Animals page. You will probably need to add a link in your nav menu or sidebar so people on the homepage can find your Animals page.
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      The way to do this with Wordpress is to make your second page a child of the first page.

      When you are creating or editing your new page, go down to the advanced options section and open up the Page Parent. Just use the dropdown selection to choose the page you want to be the parent and save the page. That should be all there is to it.

      Then, as BigSmileMedia says, add your link to another page or your sidebar. Whatever suits your design.
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    I think I understand you correctly. Yes you can do that but you are going to have to find a theme that supports sub pages because a lot of themes won't show them correctly. All you do is write your main page "Animals". Then write a new page and under "Page Parent" select your original "Animals" page. Then the url will be yourdomain.com/animals/2ndpage.

    Hope that helps.

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