How I Made $273.10 In One Month With Two Blogs (Passively!)

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Yes, I made $273.10 with two blogs passively in affiliate commissions. How did I do this? Well, here's the sharing part so listen up!

1) I bought Niche Marketing on Crack from a link in the forum here (thanks Allen).

2) I read it and took action.

NMOC teaches you how to setup niche blogs to sell products. Most people are not very successful at selling and neither was I. I figured that I would fail at this like I did some other times I dabbled at affiliate marketing. This time, however, I did things a little differently. Here's what I did:

I got the mechanics down regarding creating niche blogs. Once I knew how to setup my blog, I needed something to promote. I saw some kids at the local pizzeria watching television. I sat down near them and listened to their comments. It was clear that some things were cool and others just weren't. I took some notes on a napkin (I refrained from wiping my face with this one). I then went to our local mall and listened to conversations at many counters there, all retail varieties from cell phones to makeup. I took more notes.

I went home and put up two test blogs of hot products that people were raving about. I wrote four articles and submitted two to and the other two to using their article distribution service.

Results: Page one for both products (even manufacturer is lower than me!) and my articles fill up page one and half of page two!
Results: $273.10 with no more effort on my part. I believe that this will continue to grow.

Well, that's all. I talk about this more on my blog. I hope this will help someone to get off their duff and do something to make money!

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    I like reading stuff like this. I'm glad things worked out for you, and you're sharing how you did it.
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      Well done.

      I love seeing posts like this because no matter how many times I tell people it can be really easy to make money as an affiliate, there are always those who think it must be difficult.

      I made almost $8k for under an hours work doing almost the same as you described previously when I was just showing someone how to quickly get started. They didn't believe it could be so easy until we logged in a week later to see what results had happened.

      Thanks for sharing your story, hopefully more Warriors will get the message.

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    thanks for sharing..
  • Profile picture of the author goralka26
    Wow, Great job! Keep up the good work.
  • Profile picture of the author freddie77
    Nice wok!!
    • Profile picture of the author tommygadget
      Well, this just seems to get better and better. I just saw another $28.69 in my CJ account! For all the big fish in the pond, please don't rain on my parade, I know it's just peanuts for some, but I have to say I am excited that the sales keep coming and I have not touched the blogs at all! Also, I am going to try PPC traffic to the blogs to see if they convert the same. The organic traffic conversion stats for the better of the two blogs is pretty impressive. It is $2.43/clickthrough! Wow, not bad.

  • Profile picture of the author deslongs
    Hi Tommy...

    How is you blog doing now? could you share what you've learned?

  • Profile picture of the author Chiayee
    Hey TomG:

    Good tip!

    The technique has my highest recommendation, as I personally made money with it too though I have different ways to identify "hot products" in specific niche.

    Here's how: I usually hit the forums in my niche, and take notes of the products/brand names people are discussing. Then, I will join related affiliate programs and start promoting the products.

    In addition, you can find the hot products from eBay Pulse and Amazon best sellers in respective categories.

    Also, if you want to make more $ doing less work, promote products with high commissions

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    Hi Tommy,

    How do you do your keyword research for this technique? Also, how many/often do you post to the blog? I love reading threads like this cuz it is really encouraging.
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    Well done mate keep up the good worl!
  • Profile picture of the author meisters
    Another way to research your niche marketing via offline.

    Thanks Tommy for sharing your tips to newbie marketer like me.

    I'll wait another make money online tips from you.
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    its very good keep it up
  • Profile picture of the author Shakul
    I guess, you are selling physical products?
    • Profile picture of the author LivingCovers
      Originally Posted by Shakul View Post

      I guess, you are selling physical products?
      Are you selling physical products, Tommy?
      Since you mentioned CJ.
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    Good post I need to get more niche site out.
  • Profile picture of the author WinsonYeung
    Thanks for sharing, glad to hear that success story.
  • Profile picture of the author changeyourwealth
    I think I'm gonna get that ebook, I want to get good at niche marketing

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