How to submit a Support Request to Anyone to Ensure an Immediate and Effective Response

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    ha... Big Mike... love 'ya... following you on twitter. Only made it to the islands once... Patmos. Semper Fi by the way.
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      I like the old adage the customer is always right (in his head).

      Nice work.. just think of all the drinking time you now have when
      "Numbnuts" won't be submitting even more support requests!

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    Mike, seems pretty clear cut and obvious that it wouldn't have been a fruitful relationship between you and this customer - better to cut 'losses' for both parties.

    But don't you think less experienced Warriors should, in general, tread with a little more caution when dealing with complaints? I'm just aware how influential your comments may be on this forum and I wouldn't want less experienced Warriors to think they should nuke customers for the slightest of mistakes.

    I'm aware that that's not what your saying but it could be construed that way.

    Just a thought.

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      this one made my day!
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      I would have turned it around...

      "It appears the unprofessional wearing the Mickey Mouse outfit is you...

      Ever thought that you might just have entered your information wrong?

      Yup, that's what happened... this is what you SHOULD be inputting:"

      And then if he's still an asshole, well... have a little fun with him before you cut bait!

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    Nice bit of clarification. Thanks Mike.

  • Profile picture of the author dbarnum

    Grek scumbag !!!


    Wow, at least spell "Greek" right, dude
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      I dunno, those kind of emails tend to amuse me more than anything so I probably wouldn't have dropped him. Unless this became an ongoing thing.

      Can't blame you a bit though. You didn't pull the trigger too early I don't think.
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    So to be clear, Big Mike is a GREK scumbag and Kevin Riley is a BERDED scumbag. Let's call a spade a spade.
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    The drunken Grek
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      I might have done exactly what you did, depending on some things I don't know about the specific situation.

      I might also have sent him an email telling him what you found as the problem, and suggesting that he try again with an eye to not repeating the mistake. Then mentioning that further abusive language directed at the support staff would result in cancellation of his membership.

      If his response to that email was abusive, I'd have nuked him with extreme prejudice.

      I'm cutting people more slack lately than in the past. I've been hearing all sorts of oddly stressful comments from people. When called on them, they almost all apologize and remark that they've lost a lot of money in stocks or have other problems related to current situations that aren't within their usual problem range.

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      Originally Posted by Louis Raven View Post

      The drunken Grek

      The dudess can't spell Greek. No wonder s/he can't get the password right.
      Want me to fly over there and unzip it for her? (the spell checker I mean)
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    #1 Benefit of Having Your Own Business - You can tell customers to **** off without getting sacked
    • Profile picture of the author Peter Bestel
      Originally Posted by GuerrillaIM View Post

      #1 Benefit of Having Your Own Business - You can tell customers to **** off without getting sacked
      You can't be too cavalier about it, you need to know what you're doing and who you're dealing with.

      Your customers can always sack you!

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    I've always thought that forms or the code underneath should truncate names, passwords so that a space, hard return, etc. that is picked up during a copy and paste is eliminated. Not many do that.

    The other thing I run into a lot is phone number formatting. Usually the programmer just gives an example ie: (822) 999-9999 and restricts entry to that format. Some people copy and paste or enter in their own format and it gets rejected. 822-999-9999 won't work, 8229999999 won't work, etc. Why not just have code to strip the numbers out, put them together, then build the format you like. It makes it easier on the user.

    Sometimes users copy and paste phone numbers, but the field is too small because of the formatting requirement.

    I'm not blasting you Mike... your thread just made me think of these things. I don't have my pages set up like this yet either, but its on my mind.
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      Originally Posted by Scott Ames View Post

      I've always thought that forms or the code underneath should truncate names, passwords so that a space, hard return, etc. that is picked up during a copy and paste is eliminated. Not many do that.
      Yeah, this is one line of code that validates for blank spaces. It is the number 1 reason people can't login to my site. They cut and paste from email and take a blank space with it.

      Putting a quick FAQ in your error message output can help tremendously. I think people get more frustrated when they don't understand the error message or feel it is irrelevant.
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    Originally Posted by BIG Mike View Post

    Was I too quick to pull the trigger or should I have continued to build upon the special bond between us? :rolleyes:
    Hi Big Mike -

    Only because you asked, yes? Obviously, you have your
    opinion and I wouldn't dare to try to take you to task for
    it. I'd rather not be a "pure bred mutt scumbag." :rolleyes:

    In other incarnations, I've had "opportunities" to deal with

    My policy has been, and will probably continue to be: "Three
    strikes and your out."

    The first strike could simply be indigestion. (I reply
    responsively and politely and ask that s/he do similarly
    going forward.)

    The second strike could simply reflect bad breading - I
    mean breeding. (I continue to reply responsively and politely
    and ask more firmly that s/he do likewise.)

    The third strike - well that's intentional and a pattern.
    Time to say good-bye. (I prefer to take the high-road,
    despite intense temptation to meet abuse with abuse. I reply
    that I'm sorry we can't seem to meet your needs. There are
    other services/products that may suit you better. Please try
    one of them.)

    On more than one occasion, I've had a miscreant come back and
    apologize for acting the part of a barbarian; who doesn't do
    it again.

    On the other hand, I've had people flip me the bird on their
    way out the virtual door.

    People are people - whether in "real" or in "virtual" life.


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