Is $100 for a PR3 domain too much??

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I am trying to sell domain in my sig. It's a PR3 domain.
It had a PR2 on the first update and now is PR3. I just
wanna get rid of the domain but I haven't got any
responses from a post I made on the DP forum.

Is $100 too much for a PR3 domain in the gardening niche?
#internet marketing #$100 #domain #pr3
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    Give a try. It's owned by Warrior Todd Walkers.
  • Profile picture of the author John Taylor
    At the end of the day, factors such as PR, backlinks, etc. are
    secondary to the one criteria that most buyers are interested
    in.. income.

    If your site offers the potential buyer an ROI within a reasonable
    time scale, then they will be much more willing to make an offer.

  • Profile picture of the author Frank Ayres
    It only seems to have 2 backlinks to it
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    I bought a PR3 late last year for $24. If I really wanted a PR3 in any niche, then I'd just get the high PR backlinks and wait for a few months, rather than shell out $100.
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    Its about revenue, traffic, profits, potential - PR3 just means that, PR3

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