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I have found some great graphics programs, but I dont know how to make them into an e-book cover, any suggestions guys. I do want to do it myself, I will probably pay someone eventually but its always important to know just in case.

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    I haven't bought it yet but 1 Click Covers looks really good.

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    i basically use a adobe photoshop..
    it quick difficult but still can effort..
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      I would recommend Photoshop and Cover Action Pro. This is an expensive option though. There are cheaper ways out there, but they cannot match the quality.

      And of course, you could always hire a designer. Just have a look at my sig

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    I'd say "hands down" go with Box Shot 3D.

    It uses a really awesome ray tracing engine and the support and upgrades are top notch.

    It also has the ability to do georgeous cd/dvd cases and products.

    You can also do brochures and magazines.

    Its super simple to use once you start working with it...and the results look amazing!

    If you are already about to create a good layout using a graphics program...then this program is for you.

    Just google it.

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