Merchant Won't Pay - What Would You Do?

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I only realized after I was finished that I wrote a lot so if you don't want to read all this just skip to the last three lines. Thanks


There is one product that is one of my main sources of income but I have had problems with the person on and off for about a year and a half or more.

I'm supposed to get paid at the end of the month following the month when I made the sales. So if I make sales in January I get paid at the end of the month of February, etc.


At first this person answered questions after hunting them down for almost a month or something and their info didn't line up with the info in my affiliate stats page or with the names of the people who contacted me to get their bonuses.

This person made excuses, said that the Butterfly Marketing Script was to blame for something and whatever else. I can't remember all the details.

They never gave any answers and it was sort of a "Take it or leave it because what are you gonna do about it?" type of thing (That's why I like sites like Clickbank. It has more competition but I know the check will come. When affiliate programs are in house not everyone may be able to promote but you're basically in a trust situation hoping they pay you)

This person is often very late paying, I'm never sure that I am getting all I've earned and even if they do pay me all that they owe I sometimes rely on getting paid on time or it seriously messes me up, they won't give any explanations, even their customer service guy can barely ever get a hold of this person (that's what he tells me) and never gives any satisfaction whatsoever not even a typical "I'm sorry but I'll get you straightened out as soon as possible" type of thing.

This person is practically impossible to reach.

But they must be paying the customer service guy (who almost left once for not getting paid himself) otherwise he wouldn't be there.

I've heard all sorts of excuses one being family problems and I think hearing these things through the grapevine is what has made me be more patient. I've suspected these things may not be true but then I think "what if they are" and I try to be understanding but this has been going on practically since they launched the product and it's always excuse after excuse. Lately I've heard no excuses but then again I've heard nothing. Almost no one can reach this person.

Once I heard this merchant was having some crisis and that's why they couldn't handle problems as quickly as they'd like, except then I find out that this person is at a seminar on another continent (I personally suspect it was the 7 Figure Code).

I'm not the first to complain and many have been pissed and screamed bloody murder in the past. I don't know if I'm one of the top affiliates or not but I usually sell a reasonable amount and sometimes I am on top or close judging from the transaction id numbers.

This person still owes me for June, July and also August will be due before I realize it and I don't have much hope of getting that either.

I stopped promoting this product once because I had finally had enough but then I was thrown some money and I picked it up again.

This person seems very unappreciative and they can't even give any satisfaction with an excuse or tell the customer service guy to tell me their excuse. I get so many complaints from people who take it out on me because they think I am the merchant and some get stupid with me even if they know I am not this other person. Some are okay but then I often get swamped with complaints and cries for help because of all their various problems not being able to download their product or whatever, even those who didn't buy through me and make me a commission, and I'm sick of doing damage control for this merchants apathy or incompetence and taking care of all their customers.

It makes me feel bad when I ignore people asking me for help, but I can't do it much longer.

They are in another country and even if I could do something it would probably cost more just to scare them than what I am owed. So maybe this is a hopeless situation that I should just quit and call a loss.

But I really want my money, especially since I use Adwords and I'm basically throwing that campaign money away being that I'm not getting paid.

What would you do in a situation like this to get your money?

Any advice whatsoever?

Thanks very much.
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    Stop promoting this product immediately and promote something that will pay you - like clickbank.

    Then get a lawyer.
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      let's form a "retaliation group". If any warrior gets done in, regardless, we ALL add it to a page on a blog somewhere, all linking back to the original post, pref on the plaintiff's own blog. with a few thousand links promoting this marchant's non-payment, it should show up quite nicely on google, so we will have leverage to stop it from happening again.

      the last step before publicity would be for everyone involved to send an email with a warning to the company of the consequences . imagine the effect of getting a thousand "warnings" in your mailbox in 24 hrs.....

      anyone who decides to ignore the final "message" will lose a lot more than what was owed. but then again, only someone really stupid, or really broke, will do that.

      what do u think ? Shall we call it an "Affiliate Union", or something ?

      As i am living in south africa, i am also wide open to this kind of situation. and having to fight a legal battle over country borders will cost a s%&load of money.......
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    why are you still promoting them

    Look for a competitive product, and promote that
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    @ Eric Johnson

    I agree and I don't like many of the scam web sites out there. Some do more harm than good. That's why I said they would have to have made a reasonable effort first and maybe see if there is a regular pattern of behavior from the merchant, because too many people go crazy and call everyone scammer over the slightest thing. I've had to deal with it, too since I don't just sell affiliate stuff. I know customers can sometimes be a nightmare. So if it were done it would have to be moderated.

    That's why I use "them", "they", "the merchant" and "person" and I don't mention the product either because I don't want to make things worse if I don't have to, even though I know this is true, and it's better to try and avoid doing such things when possible. Plus, if I can get my money I want it. It's not HUGE but it can make a difference for me because I'm not one of those $10,000 or $30,000 a month affiliates.

    @ Steven Wagenheim

    Part of the reason I guess was my kindness taken for weakness. Like I said I'd end up getting paid so I'd resume promotion and I kept hearing things about problems so, yea, you wouldn't have but I did I guess that's because it's the way I am and also for personal reasons over the last year. Besides, compared to many here I haven't been in this business very long. I guess I need thicker skin.

    I agree with you about PDC. I had to chase commissions there, too and some of those who don't pay or don't pay unless contacted are members of this forum. I guess they spend 100% of the payment before waiting so that they can pay affiliates at the end of the month or they just don't care. So I ended up deciding I would stay away from there, too.
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      Originally Posted by tommyp View Post

      I agree with you about PDC. I had to chase commissions there, too and some of those who don't pay or don't pay unless contacted are members of this forum. I guess they spend 100% of the payment before waiting so that they can pay affiliates at the end of the month or they just don't care. So I ended up deciding I would stay away from there, too.
      Did you contact PDC about the lack of commissions?

      At least you have some leverage there.

      It's silly to not promote a product just because you found it there.

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