Marketing SEO and Site creation skills how much to charge?

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Since my site isn't earning something decent yet, also needs several days more work, I have decided to initially offer my services as a consultant here in the Philippines.

I have earned quite some skills now in offsite SEO, proof of this is that I was able to place a link of some of my sites in the first page of google search for more or less than 500k search result.

Also, I was able to build my first site quite easily. Just several days, of course it involved focus and freewares and a lot of help from here.

Now, I have no idea how much to charge if I offer my services to local companies here in the Philippines?

As I see it off-site SEO is definitely marketable here.

Replies from other asian neighboors would be greatly appreciated.

Bills are pilling up and I think I better add offline activities to my online initiatives.


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    I would think since you are in the phillppines the charge would be relative to your value

    think about how many hours it will take you and multiply this by a factor of what a hourly rate will be over there in your country

    as you get better well known start raising your rate

    or better yet see what other consultants are getting over there in your country

    something to check into


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