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Hi guys and girlz

Im just wondering if there is a program out there that will keep a track of all the keywords that I target with article marketing?

When Im searching around - I often see my articles showing up for keywords I'd forgot i even used!

Is there something I could note my keywords in and search with that will show me where all my articles are landing????

Article marketing is a BIG part of my promotional strategy!
Thanks in advance.
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    I am not aware of something that will inventory your keywords and track your articles

    best recommendation is a spread sheet

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    the only option i can think of is to use tracking url's on your anchor text. it might e a problem, though, for some article directories not allowing it. and you will only be able to target two or three phrases per article.

    but this way you can use the same tracking url for the same KW everytime, and build up statistics.

    as 4 seeing where your articles end up, just use google analytics. go into your traffic sources , request a detailed report, and then adjust the size of the list to show all sources. you will see exactly where your visitors were referred from, so you will also see which article directories are worth the effort.

    just my 0.02......
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      You could try a Knowledge Base program to track your articles, keywords, and anything else.

      I sell mine for $79.95, but newsletter subscribers receive a One Time Offer of 50% off.

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