How Much Does Adsencse Payout?

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How much does adsence payout per click? Links, banners etc

Could someone give me some figures?
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    $0 to $75 per click.
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      But these payout depends on the keyword you use in your site and also content , keywords like insurance , web conferencing, mortagage , credits are high keywoirds.

      But your site should have good content to get high payout from adsense

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      Originally Posted by Sleaklight View Post

      $0 to $75 per click.
      Completely funny, but completely true.

      Adsense payouts are based on what the advertiser is paying, which is based on the competition for the targeted keywords. The CPC varies widely for different keywords.

      If you have specific keyword you are interested, then it can be narrowed down, but there is not some general payout number.
  • Profile picture of the author Sami will tell you how much each keyword is worth ie. what advertisers are bidding on the ekeywords.


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