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I wanted to share a nice little technique that I've been using to drive some extra traffic to a couple of my sites. I am also use the same method to branch out into a couple of new niches and it has been working great.

Not sure if you've noticed or not, but a lot of sites have been switching over to the Web 2.0 style of doing things. This includes your local newspapers and online publications. I notice this one day about a month ago when I was reading my local paper online and a bell kind of went off in my head.

The whole process revolves around leaving comments in the appropriate sections underneath the stories.

This is what I did...

First, go to Google and type then "local newspaper" comment. This will bring up several hundred pages with listings for different local newspapers that publications online. What you want to do is to copy all these addresses and do some type of text editor for use later.

Next, you want to visit all these places and leave some type of reply under as many stories as you want with a link back to your website. Now, the traffic that you get is not always an equal sales. However, if you're linking back to say a site like Squidoo, or HubPages you can usually generate enough traffic to increase your rankings a great deal within the sites themselves. This benefit does not even include the fact that many of the newspapers that you're leaving comments on have a dofollow attribute that will allow you to generate some back links from some high PR sites.

Now, I know what you're thinking. You're thinking at all this takes too much time. You couldn't possibly spend a couple days gathering all this information and then going back and posting on these respective sites to make it worth your while. This is where a little but of outsourcing comes in. I've found a way to do this extremely cheap and get ready to lay it all out for you right here.

Go to a site that offers freelance services. So far, I've had my best luck with a site called odesk.com. Post an ad for a virtual assistant. Usually within a couple of hours you love several candidates applying for the job. Find the absolute cheapest one. Normally, you can find somebody is willing to work for about one dollar an hour. All you have this person do is to gather all the sites together. Even if their English is not very good or they can't write a lack it doesn't matter all you want them to do is the search for the local newspapers and copy and paste the addresses into a text editor. Normally they can complete this task within about three to four hours. So at this point you're out no more than four or five dollars.

Now take another look at the list of applicants that you have for the job. Usually, somewhere in there is none of the an applicant the charges somewhere around two or three dollars an hour that is a decent writer. You'll notice I said "decent", they don't have to be a great writer or be able to write a book or novel or anything like that. All they have to be able to do is to write a sentence or two and leave a link behind to attract some visitors to your site.

Some of the papers and publications will post comments automatically, others will have a review process in your comment may not show up for a couple days and possibly not all. So what you wanted to know, is to instruct this person to make a copy of all of the websites that allow immediate comments with no review and to keep them in a separate text file.

I have this person work anywhere from two to three hours a day so it the most money ever costs me is about nine dollars a day. I'll have this person do usually about two or three days worth of work a week.

I've noticed a huge increase in my number back links and a pretty decent surge of visitors to my different sites from using this method. It is especially worked out well for different Adsense sites and one guy that I've shared this with has passed along to me that he is had very good results in doing this with a couple of different CPA offers that he's working with.

There are definitely ways to expand on this idea if you sit down and think about it but for anybody that has a couple extra dollars in their advertising budget weekly is mighty something you want to consider.
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  • Profile picture of the author alex84
    Wow, that's a really sweet technique, I will have to try it. Thanks a lot for sharing.
  • Profile picture of the author Muhammad Jalloh
    Hi Jeremy,

    Thanks for sharing this. I have never thought of it this way.

    I think I am going to put this into practice soon.

    Thanks again.

    • Profile picture of the author sparrow
      I have looked into this in the past and noticed almost all of the papers require you a registration and a approval process

      what have you noticed,

      many of them don't appreciated leaving links behind

      "Agree not to solicit others. You agree not to contribute for the purposes of advertising or to solicit anyone to buy or sell products or services, or to make donations of any kind, or to promote other web sites, without our express written approval, or where expressely permitted."

      what have you seen for numbers

      I am not saying its not possible but I am sure some of the newspaper site are easier than others, but doing this could be a short term gain until the editor get around to removing your links

  • Profile picture of the author sparrow

    so is this the phrase you are using

    "local newspaper" comment

    for the Google search this was not clear me

    • Profile picture of the author Jeremy Kelsall
      Originally Posted by sparrow View Post


      so is this the phrase you are using

      "local newspaper" comment

      for the Google search this was not clear me


      Yes, that's the phrase I use.

      I tried is a couple other ones, but most of the results I found were big commercial newspapers that were pretty in the know when it came to marketing and the way people may use their websites. Therefore, many that sound had a nofollow associated with them.

      Here is a good example where this process could be used fairly effectively. Analyst every single newspaper you read your gun a fine stories about crime, rape, murder, and other violent and disturbing actions. One of the ways that you could kind of cash in on that is by finding an affiliate program that is associated with some type of investigation services or even programs that are on click Bank that promise criminal background checks. In these instances, you could easily have a constructive comment left with a link to some type of site that would make it beneficial to the readers.

      The same thing is true with almost any niche. If you go to the arts and leisure section of the newspaper and find stories there, you can leave links to some type of webpage that discusses art galleries are different types of art and surely get some type of clicks or responds on either paid ads that are on your site or even different types of affiliate programs he could find.

      This really isn't a whole lot different than marketing somewhere like Yahoo answers. And in fact, you're finding a place where people are discussing a certain or particular subject in leaving something constructive or thought-provoking in hopes that they might click on your link.
  • Profile picture of the author simmonsmike7
    Great share man, lemme try it and report back results
  • Profile picture of the author Shon Chris
    Good technique,

    I would even go a step further and do social bookmarking for the pages that show the comments.

    Sort of a Gray Hat issue.

    Shon C.

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