Copywriting Re-Write?

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Hey Warriors,

I am in need of an affordable, yet high quality copywriter to
re-write the sales copy for my website.

If you are a copywriter or know of a copywriter that is very
good with affordable rates, please post or shoot me a PM.

My website applies to the pet niche...


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    Hi Robert;

    I'd be willing to take a look at that for you. I have lots of knowledge in the pets market, I really wish I could write for it more often (although I believe I do have some applicable samples at

    I used to work in a pet store, I'm a consumer of pet info-products, and I happen to have a few of the furry friends myself, so my insight may be helpful.

    Plus I'm a copywriter. If you wanted, I could work this into my WSO so instead of new copy, you get a rewrite but with all the bonuses... Take a look if you like, the link is in my sig. If that's still too pricey for what you'd like, feel free to send me a PM.

    - Cheryl

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