I think I finally understand this game

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Like you see from my post count I am fresh to the forum.
I have been burning from IM info for the last 3 years. I have stumbled on a warrior by accident and he gave me the link to WF. I have been posting but most of my time I spend reading and I purchased about 15 WSO's by now with the help from few other warriors. I have joined Adam's WSO and the guy is really spilling the beans holding nothing back. I am not promoting him or his WSO I just wanted to state that I have given myself a goal. Yeey! I do have a goal and now I have a clear picture what to do to properly start my IM business. I have made 5 JV's and they all will help me achieve what I had in mind.

I feel so happy and content right now

My life isn't roses right now and I thank all of you warriors backing me up. I will never forget it.

Wish me luck!
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    Good Luck with your success and your goals!
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    Hi Quilst,

    I won't wish you luck, but rather wish you every success.
  • Profile picture of the author Kim Roach
    Wishing you the Best of luck!
    • Profile picture of the author JayXtreme
      Yeah... forget luck dude....

      the smarter you work the "luckier" you will become.. warriors aren't lucky.. we're damn smart.. you included...

      Taking control of your financial freedom is something most people are scared to do..

      Kudos to you for grabbin this opportunity with both hands



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