How many of you...

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Hi i have a question for all.

How many of you are still working for a company or another person?

Me: Still starting, writing an ebook and planning all about my online business and still working for a company.
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    I still have a regular job. But thats cause i got in debt up to my eyeballs and will need to make quite a bit of money to quit. Probably next year
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    I've quit my day job last year but I am still doing non-IM work as freelance web developer (I also outsource the work sometimes) while making my IM career in serious mode.
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      Still have my "day job" but it's nice.. work from home and make quite a comfortable salary programming. Been at my same job for over 10 years now if you can believe that!

  • Profile picture of the author Dave Cornish
    Quit my day job one month ago and am never going back
  • Profile picture of the author Rachel Goodchild
    I've been freelancing for five years. About six months ago I got offered an awesome job- and couldn't resist..
    I lasted four months I HATED it. Not the job- just the nine to five. So I'mnow freelancing the same job...MUCH BETTER
    I'm broken for salary

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