What do You think about high-ticket products?

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I've been thinking a lot lately about high-ticket products and I've decided that they're probably one of the best things going.

As an affiliate, it's so much easier to reach your income goals when you are selling high-ticket products for higher commissions.

Here are a few examples of what I've been promoting myself using Web 2.0 properties:

High Defenition televisions
luxury handbags

Plus, it's extremely exciting to log into your Amazon account and see that you've sold an hdtv television.

These higher priced physical goods are an excellent addition to your income if you've been focusing mainly on downloadable goods. It simply widens the variety of products you can promote.

If you want to see exactly how I promote these products, you can check out my signature.

So, what are your thoughts on promoting high-priced physical goods?
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    I'ma HUGE fan of high end products.... makes the game real exciting


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    I try to promote both physical and digital products. So far I have had more luck with lower cost, digital products though. Due to Amazon's poor rates, you need to target high price items to make it worth it, and I haven't had much luck promoting TVs or anything like that yet. But I do think high price items are a good thing to market.
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      The high-priced digital goods are actually getting a little out of hand.

      Just take a look at some of the latest launches.

      Now it seems to be trickling down to the lower end marketers thinking they can make a "killing" by producing a high-ticket product.

      I won't state names but there is a marker that hangs out here in the forum that is relatively new to Internet marketing that was charging almost $2000 for a new product.

      I couldn't believe my eyes, some of the most prominent world known Internet marketers who have established themselves online as a namebrand were charging this amount of money.

      And typically part of the "guru" product will be home study course or something physical. This person was charging that much for a digital product!

      I mean come on guys I can see how you want to make some money online by charging for a big-ticket item but keep it in perspective to your experience, your presence, and what the market is dictating for such products.

      Frank Bruno
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    High end products rule. I actually started promoting higher ticket items on ebay back in the late 90's...mostly via dropship arrangements (until I built up the capital to start stocking a few things I could get better deals on buying in bulk).

    The one thing I learned that's carried over to both digital and physical stuff I more frequently promote now via amazon, the networks, etc. is this:

    Try to look for "dependency" type products whenever possible. These are things that are good alone but even better with the addition of something else (or those that truly do depend on a separate piece, part or addition to provide the desired result for the buyer).

    An example could be that HD TV you mentioned, Kim. There are accessories that will instantly enhance the buyer's experience...some which you can offer the buyer as an affiliate and others you can create or provide directly.

    With HDTVs, all of these truly need to be run through a calibration program to get the best picture they're capable of. Calibration options range from $30 for a Monster DIY kit to the higher end Spyder TV software at a few hundred bucks or more to partnering with a network of ISF technicians that do certified calibration in person.

    Also, few private sellers at Amazon or ebay offer extended warranties...why not do it yourself (great margins). How about HDMI cables too...another huge margin item and suppliers are plentiful.

    Just a few things added like the above can double and triple your return from a single affiliate sale thus making high ticket items even more attractive to promote.

    Of course, that's provided you are adding something of value to the transaction in exchange for an optin to follow up with these customers (or using some form of integration with the primary seller on the back end to offer something they don't).

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    I find it easier to sell one person a $1000 dollar product than it is to sell one thousand people a $1.00 product.

    High end products deliver.

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