What Do You Want In An Extreme Article Marketing Service?

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Hi Guys,

Read below...
Give your advice/features....

Top 5 suggestions get a free lifetime membership to the best article marketing service around.

If you know Daniel & I, we launched PLRPro almost 2.5 years ago. This is our next biggest mass market tool to come out.

Well we just launched a system that is very different to most out there & the first of its kind to make a full switch to only promoting over real sites.

Put short there are over 2000 sites in the system now accepting articles.

So I want to know.... What would you do or like to have done to your article submissions that you think would make it even easier or more effective?

Is there something else that you think you could use this sort of service for other then article promotion (aka we added youtube video promotion also)?

Here are majors we have, if you have any tweaks to this would love to hear it.

1. Distributions go out slowly, a random selection of sites each day
2. Articles can be fully spun using wysiwyg system (or standard rewrite syntax)
3. YouTube videos can also be promoted to get first page rankings for your videos on certain terms.
4. You can do in content links (not resource boxes)
5. You can spin the anchor text & url of where you want links to go.
6. You select the niche/category your article or video is relevant too.

Here is Mark Ling's example site he setup in our system to receive member posted articles. This one actually is a video post also.

How To Impress With Colored Contact LensesbyWeb Doctor Articles

You can actually go to google & search that video for the phrase they are linking with & you will see it on the first page (was today).

We are looking to really with your help make this the new generation of Article Marketing services.

So please give us as much feedback as you can on what you would like to see, what would make it absolutely killer.

Even really unique ideas like YouTube video promotion.... anything that you think can make a difference in your marketing techniques.

We want to hear it.

Top 5 suggestions or feedback get a free lifetime membership.

Marc Lindsay
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    Hi Marc,

    This sounds like a very exciting service.

    It sounds as if you have many of the major things covered. If I were to add things to my wish list they would be:

    1) Fast Approval System - Getting the articles approved fast means getting them into the distribution channel fast
    2) Responsive Technical Support - Rapid feedback will allow your subscribers to get up to speed and be more productive with your system
    3) Built-In Spell Checker
    4) Ability To Create And Save Projects - If you are creating articles for yourdomain.com it would be nice to have some sort of system to keep them organized
    5) Ability To Resubmit The Articles - At some point in time in the future the ability to spin the current articles and resubmit them at a later date.
    6) Ability To Schedule Submission For A Future Date

    I hope this helps.

    All The Best,

  • Profile picture of the author Marc Lindsay
    1. Articles currently are instant moderated by the community (they can report or reject articles to their sites)
    2. Support is fast yep.
    3. Built In Spell checker not done, good suggestion though.
    4. Interesting concept... I like it, this might hit the update list.
    5. Will discuss this option, I think it is already like this.
    6. Already done

    Thanks Tony
    • Profile picture of the author TeamGlobal
      Hi Marc,

      Just wanted to check in with you to see how the development of your article marketing service was going.

      Re: "Top 5 suggestions get a free lifetime membership to the best article marketing service around."

      Which of my suggestions were you able to use?

      Thanks and please keep me posted.

      All The Best,


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