What Is Considered A Strong Alexa Ranking?

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Hi Warriors:

Just wondering what kind of Alexa ranking would make a site "strong" or considered an authoritative site. 100,000 perhaps? I'm really not sure so would appreciate any help.

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    I would imagine any thing 99,999 and on, but the rank is measured by those Alexa toolbar using visitors, it can vary wildly.

    Probably inbound links are a more effective gauge.

    Good luck!
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      It depends on whether or not the website is in the article marketing/webmaster niche or not.

      Outside the niche, 200,000 is very good
      Inside the niche, 50,000 is good

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    My directory has hit the low 72,000 and I hope to get it under 60k soon

    The lower the number the better.

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    Below 100 K is always good and all webmaster give some weight to those website which have 100K lower alexa ranking.

    I always prefer to sell my site when it come to below 100 K at that time I can get good money from the buyer

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