Add More Options missing in Create Paypal Button

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I am sorry if this gets asked a lot but an hour in Google and I can not seem to figure out what changed at Paypal.

I used to be able to create an item for sale and the button for it and then click to a "Add More Options" button to tell Paypal what page I wanted to have a link for so that when people paid I could have a place to send them to and they could immediately download the product.

Well I know that I have seen this kind of page even a week or so ago when I bought some stuff from Geri in the WSO section but as I go to Paypal now it seems the page to create a button has changed and there is no way that I can create a button and tell it where to put that confirmed link to.

Any Paypal people here know what has happened?
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    Come on guys, There has to be people making paypal buttons so that they can sell digital downloads...or am I the only one now?
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      I don't know the answer to your question as I'm not using the same geographic version of PayPal that you are - I use and the option is there.

      How did you go back in time by 2 minutes and post your reply? lol.
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    Thanks Karl, maybe I should try the UK one? ....Actually in just trying it I see that when I log on I just get redirected to the Canadian site.

    About the bump, I actually bumped 12 hours later. I was surprised I was alone in this problem
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      Aaah, I didn't notice the AM, PM part.

      Sorry I couldn't help further, I've not heard about anyone else having the issue - hope you get it rectified.

      Kindest regards,
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    Thanks for that. I checked and it seems that I was not a business member so I did not have that option. After I upgraded to business (Free) then I was able to see these other "more options" again.

    Thanks for all of your help guys, I guess I had better pay it forward by answering more questions this weekend

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