Where do I find products?

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Recently I have had some luck selling clickbank products for a profit and I am looking for a product to sell online, preferably in the gambling advice arena, but would consider any good idea in any area.

I talked to a guy who bought the rights to an ebook on golf and he said he made a lot of money reselling it.

Does anyone know of a sort of mall for products? I would really appreciate any ideas...

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    PLR products online is a way.
    You will have to re-write a very large amount and have a new title given to it if you are going to "sell a PLR product."
    If you are giving it away people are quite a bit more lenient.
    Thanks for reading,
    Mike G
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      You can search google and type PLR products. There are a lot of website promoting PLR products.

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    To the guys suggesting PLR do you usually outsource the rewrite?
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      Originally Posted by Rich Muir View Post

      To the guys suggesting PLR do you usually outsource the rewrite?
      I'll outsource at least a partial rewrite, then go over the material myself with a fine tooth comb to make sure I find it to be of acceptable final quality. Tweak, edit and add to it some more, then I hand it to one of my business associates to give it a thorough once over to make sure it's still in good shape.

      Of course usually how I do this is I bring at least 2 items together for the rewrite. One or more related PLRs plus my own original related content. This is usually before it ever goes to the first outsource.

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