Does anyone actually use the satellite TV for PC? Or do you just promote it?

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I was looking at this product on clickbank and was wondering if anyone has actually used this product and do they actually deliever what they say they do? I mean can you get all the NFL games etc on this or is it limited to what you can watch.

I am just curious cause that would open up the door for several keywords to target.

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    There is a PLR version if you want your own just like it.
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      I have tried it out.. and without saying much, I will tell you... There are other Free Softwares that do the same thing...

      That's all I can say
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      Where would I be able to get a PLR version from?

      Originally Posted by gareth View Post

      There is a PLR version if you want your own just like it.
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    there are some many online versions that are free.

    The list goes on and on. And yes there is a couple Private Label Rigths versions of this. Ebay before they started banning members for selling this use to sell a ton of them. I seen sellers makes 20 grand a month reselling free software.

    If you go to and type internet tv there will be a dozen free versions if you don't want to use a online version.
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    Adwords dont allow you to promote these products now
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    I'm sorry but I think you're all being a bit 'out of order' and a bit self-righteous. Especially when Imran volunteered the information. I think more of him for saying it honestly than promoting it and pretending not too.

    Plus there's always that ethical argument with sales and their are a few threads here already about it.

    And to paraphrase Paul Myers (can't remember the exact phrase) - since when did we develop mind controlling tactics.

    I don't know if I promote good or bad products - because I've never bought most of them. Will I get slated for being honest?
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    Like Imran I too promote the Satelite TV for PC product via articles. I've never bought the product. So I can't really say if it's a crap product or not. But I do make a few sales every week and the refund rate isn't bad at all. That tells me that the majority are happy with their purchase.

    If it is as bad as you people say, then surely the refund rate would be pretty darn high?
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      Originally Posted by Vladislav Rozhdestvensky View Post

      Why do you promote product that is bad child?
      Vladislav, why is the product bad? Have you ever tried it? Like I said I make regular sales and don't get many refunds. So the customers are obviously happy with it.
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    I also think some of those products are not entirely legal in regards to copyright and such...
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      I don't promote it, but have noticed other Warriors admit that they do besides those who responded here. The question is, why doesn't Clickbank remove it from their Marketplace? I'm sure if it was really crappy, then removing it would be good for their reputation and legal safety. Maybe people say it's crap because it's profitable for them and don't want you as additional affiliate competition.
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    It is not clear what exactly was bad about it. Maybe it is also a matter of bandwidth and screen/CPU performance....

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