Maintaining Focus On The Task At Hand, How?

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Hi everyone,

I'm looking to get insight into the warrior mind when it comes to staying focused and blocking out distraction in the middle of your promotional campaigns.

I know I'm not alone when it comes to fighting the battle to keep my eyes on the road while I'm working to drive traffic to a squeeze page or affiliate link.

During the traffic driving process when there is no money coming in yet it can get a little discouraging.

In the midst of every promotion, there is always something new and shiny in my email and it can get kinda hairy trying to tune out the "Secret Affiliate Tactics Of Millionaire Marketers Exposed!"

Especially when guru "so and so and all his friends" are promoting it. No disrespect intended.

I was wondering if anyone would be willing to offer some suggestions that could help keep things on track and in perspective.

This is something many newbies have fallen prey to many times. Myself included.

Any practical advice that you could offer would definitely be appreciated.
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    How I maintain focus on my day is by using a simple rule - the 80/20 rule.

    I concentrate like a lion on the 20% of tasks that bring in 80% of profits/results. I start every day by making a list of the '20% activities' (the vital few) and the '80% activities' (the trivial many), and then I decide how much time I'm going to spend on each of these tasks.

    20% activities usually refer to important activities like a new project, product creation, your core marketing activities, joint ventures etc.

    80% activities are more low value maintenance activities like checking your email, building a big social marketing list (though for some this will be a 20% activity, it depends on your business plan), chatting on IM etc.

    You'd want to outsource many of your 80% activities down the road, particularly activities like customer service, Adwords maintenance, article writing, transcribing, video creation and so on.

    This gives you ample time to concentrate on your 20% and ultimately amplify your efforts and time spent on your 20% activities, so they eventually take up 80% or more of the time that you spend on work. (or simply take the day off or take the time to go on a holiday)

    The result is greater results from your entire business.

    Another trick is to label all your tasks A, B, or C. A is for your critical activities, B for relatively important activities and C for trivial activities.

    The bottom line is to give the time you invest an ROI. Money can be gained back, but time can't.

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      Thanks for your response. You're so right about the 80/20 rule.

      Sometimes it seems like 80% of me is thinking and 20% is doing. I'm desperately working hard at changing that equation around.

      Seems like making money online is more of a mental issue than a physical one.

      btw, I picked up a copy of your 7 Insider Secrets report earlier today and it is definitely outstanding. ...See there I go:-)

      Thanks again and pls feel free to add anything else you feel might help.

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