Can I fool the search engines/websites of my current location? Need help on this.

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I am not living in the States, and I am planning
to start a PPC Campaign over here.

The problem is, since my computer is not over here,
the Search Engines wouldn't show me the PPC Search
Results for my keywords...

So I can't see my competitions PPC Ads...

This could pose to be quite a problem, it's like
shooting with one eye close, and the other one
that's opened, it's only half opened.

Is there a way to fool the Search Engines to
think that my computer's current location is
in the States?

Does anyone have the solution for this?

Thanks in advance,

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    There are several proxy services that you can use to fool an endpoint that you are somewhere other than your location. When I worked in the States, some of the other Aussies I was over with used a proxy to get access to an Australian Rule Football website that only allowed access from within Australia. So it can be done.

    I haven't needed to do this so I'm not sure exactly how you go about it, but I did a quick search on Google for 'using a proxy to hide your location' and came up with a lot of results. I suggest you can track down exactly what you need by refining your searches.

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