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I'm in the middle of a big keyword research assignment and I'm trying to find a tool that will display not only the amount of daily searches but also the competition for that particular word/phrase at the same time.

WebCeo looked great, but it won't work on my Mac.

Any suggestions?

Thank you!!
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    Hi Cary!

    Have you seen ?

    Pretty good a site for spying on your competetion... esp. the time machine feature of it... That allows you to track year long progress of your competetion.

    btw.. this post reminds me of the4 PM you sent to me... I got it timely but just forgot about it... too much work. I will be sending a reply shortly. Thanks

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      Hi Lakshay!

      No prob

      I liked that one, but my client wants the exact amount of competing sites for each word.

      I can do it with two tools, but thought I would save time if I could.

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      Hi I use nichebot and it does a pretty good job of getting info from many places

      Including keyword tracker, keyword discovery and more places including the competition


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