How does Google Alerts Work? Why don't I ever see my Blog posts in it?

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Hey guys,

I have set up several google alerts for different keywords. At the same time, I regularly post to my blog. There are several instances that I posted with the exact keyword I have in my Google Alerts.

How come I never see my site in Google Alerts? Is there something I need to setup? How does this whole thing work?


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  • Profile picture of the author Gunter Eibl
    I would also setup a comprehensive alert with "".

    Don't thing you can do something wrong with Google Alerts, it's too simply to use. Maybe your keywords are too general so that your posts are buried. Or your site is simply not crawled by Google. It also can take a while (days) to show up.

  • Profile picture of the author Chris Lockwood
    There is one thing you can do wrong- choosing "web" instead of "comprehensive" may prevent you from getting alerts about the blog.

    The alerts seem to have no rhyme or reason- some things will cause an alert the same day they are published, others will appear much later or not at all.
    • Profile picture of the author Peter Helps
      Thanks guys. I appreciate all your comments. I will follow through on your suggestions.


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