How do I create my own movie trailer!

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Hey guys

I want to create a sort of movie type trailer to advertise my blog.

Say like a matrix style really grab peoples attention.

You see I have a few pictures and videos that I have had done on my journey, and I want to put these all together with some text and music.

But I just dont have a clue where or how to start,yes I have looked around but found all sorts of software.Just have not got a clue.

Just calling out you video guys for some help.


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    Hey Marcus.

    If you want the Matrix-type effects, you will need Adobe After Effects. Here's a nice tutorial for the slow mo bullet, in particular...

    VIDEO COPILOT | After Effects Tutorials & Post Production Tools

    The program, however, is expensive, and the learning curve required is quite steep. What you can do is get a feel of how things work (lots of tutorials on the web), then buy some projects (After Effects templates) from sites like and . Just replace the texts and the images and you're all set to go.

    If you just want a video with nice, albeit formulaic, effects, then try . Really easy to use.

    If you want more control over the video you want to create, then you can try common video editing programs like Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas Pro, and even the free Windows Movie Maker.

    Want something that's browser-based? Try .

    Better yet, if you can upload your photos/videos somewhere I can download them, PM me the link, and give me around 2 to 3 hours, I can try to make a movie trailer-type of video for you, albeit without the Matrix effects, for the price of, say, a testimonial?

    There are more, of course, and I'm sure a lot of people will chip in their suggestions.
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    Hi Marcus,

    A very easy way, (at least for me ) is to layout the sequence of images using GIMP. Assign those images, which are really 'layers', a timeline to show frame by frame in the trailer. Typically 70 milliseconds per frame if it's an animated sequence. The frames you want to show for longer times just adjust the timeframe, say 3000 milliseconds for a 3 second exposure.

    So let's say you now have 120 frames (layers in GIMP) just go to Filters>Animation>Playback and watch your frames in a movie.

    You can take that 'movie' and screen capture it in Camtasia or Camstudio, as an example, and use that for your trailer. Just add any additional video you want as the actual footage in Camtasia, et al.

    Of course, you'll need some proficiency in both GIMP and your screen capture software.

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    I remember Imran Naseem used a picture-based videotype a long time back, that looked a bit like a trailer. I think it was called "Animoto" if I'm not wrong.

    But I would just like to add that I can do a great traliervoice for you!
    Just PM me if interested. It's a bit like Pablo Fransisco's, except probably not THAT good :p
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    Hey! sounds like exciting stuff,
    Do you have a Mac available? Because if you do some great programmes are Final Cut Pro and a simpler version of iMovie which has really good effects and is quite straight forward do edit on!

    All the best.
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    Hi Marcus,

    As a fellow Alex Jeffrey's student I'm just going to quote him.. outsource what you're not good at.

    It strikes me as videos and movie type trailers could be more than a little tricky so you might spend / waste hours trying.

    I think I'd be tempted to get onto Elance for it!

    Just my thoughts,
    Marc Milburn
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    Hey Marcus,

    To be honest my first recommendation is using Animoto (DOT) com - But if you only want the Matrix effect then just outsource it like Marc Milburn suggested.

    There are other alternatives such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Pinnacle Studio and others but then one question arise in my mind, do you have enough skills to pull this off? If not, outsource it and remember these software are all expensive.

    Time is money remember.

    - Bertie.

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