Aweber Pop Up Probs With IE

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I have just started having problems with my Aweber pop-ups in IE

They have always worked before but now give an error and do not appear

Works perfectly in FF but as 89% of my visitors are using IE (WHY!) this is costing me a bundle!

Anybody else having this problem or have any ideas?

Aweber support told me I have the settings set up wrong in IE!

My setting are default which means everybody is missing my opt in pop up

Internet Marketing Reviews

sorry every time I put in the url it hyperlinks it???

Please try this site in FF then IE

The error in IE disappears after refresh but this is becuase I have it set to appear once per day.

Really would appreciate some help on this
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    I tried it our for you in Firefox, Chrome and also IE6 (XP), IE7 (XP) and IE7 (Vista).

    I got the error on all the IE machines.

    No error on Firefox or Chrome.

    I checked the Javascript logs on Firefox in case it was experiencing the problem but handling it better. No errors were shown.

    Sorry, I don't know what the problem is, but I do know it's got nothing to do with your IE settings.


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    I am getting error 'Internet explorer can not open the site ... Operation aborted.' first time. When I go to second time page opened up but no pop-up box.

    Site and pop-up box opened OK in Opera.

    When I see the source code, I couldn't find actual js code. Pop-up pointing to Aweber url. So you need to contact Aweber how to solve this issue with IE.

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    It's not the problem on IE settings.

    I found this problem while I'm developing a web site for my customer long time ago. It's about an error on DOM.

    Personally, I believe you can try this first.

    - Disable all plug-ins and see if it's working or not.
    - If it still not works, try to reset to default theme.

    And let me know your result here. :-)

    Seree W.
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      Following Seree's theory, I just tested it on a vanilla IE6 (XP) machine. It has no themes, no plug-ins, nothing. It's a plain XP installation with nothing added and nothing changed.

      Same problem.

      There's no point in wasting any more time - get back to Aweber. I'm sure they'll sort it our for you when you explain your findings.


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    Check your PM for alternative approach. :-)
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    It worked for me perfectly on IE v7.0.5730.11

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      Ok it works with IE 7 but not IE6

      Latest from aweber is they blamed my myblog script in the sidebar widget but removed every single script and still get the same problem!

      Having used aweber for 2 years without prob this is driving me nuts!

      If they don't fix it soon I'll be off to another provider
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    Sup All,

    I am having the exact same issue with my site.
    IE 6 & 7. My problem is exact opposite...I can see the pop-up
    on my computer but others cannot.

    The ones that cannot get there receive an error. Here is a link to see the error.
    h ttp://

    If anyone has any idea as to what might be causing this, it would be most appreciated.


    h tt p: w ww.real-estate-investing(.)c om

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