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I am looking for a template to easily embed a video.
No one stepped up

Must be available

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    Do you mean adding a streaming video to your site? You shouldn't just link to a video file because most video files are huge and will take forever to load. So you need a product that will stream the video, ie play it while loading.

    The one I use is EasyFLV. You can get it here Add video to any website with our set of Streaming Video Software and Web Video Players. Get the converter and the player for somewhere around $47-$67. Pretty cheap and works really well. I used it for the video on my Neurolinker site and heartily recommend it.
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      That's actually pretty vague question....

      Are you referring to a flash player that wraps around the video and plays the actual video?

      Or are you talking about a "wrapper" that goes around the flash player and video?

      Frank Bruno

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