How can i find hot niches?

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I want to find current popular niches and topics to make sites on, what is the best place to find them?
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    Go to sites where people TELL YOU what they want, or are in need of. Try google trends, ebay pulse, yahoo answers etc and see what people are talking about or are buying.
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      google search whats hot & in & choose something that will stay in for a long time not just fizz out.
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    Originally Posted by SpudDS View Post

    How can i find hot niches?

    Try the kitchen
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      Originally Posted by garyv View Post

      Try the kitchen
      Darn it! How did you find me secret niche "site"????
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    Starting point:

    Go to a bookstore or a library, if there is a magazine published for a niche, that niche is worth pursuing.


    Amazon, find good sellers, read feedback, they'll tell you what's good and what they want.

    Another place is eBay.


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    As it happens, I am right now (well I was before I took an email break - and got a Google alert that brought me to this thread) working on the new version of Find Hot Markets.

    Did you know there are DOZENS of ways to find profitable niches? -- some better than others, but there is no shortage of ways of finding these little nuggets.

    Even a Google search for "find hot niches" will turn some good stuff.

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    find a bunch of sites that provide you the current favourite search queries for the day

    check each of these search volume

    Check the competitiveness of each in google, or lack there of, using
    your niche phrase
    "niche phrase in Quotes"
    allinanchor:niche phrase

    with results

    then search for products that suit these niches

    If you find
    high search volume
    low competition
    nice paying residual related product.

    Your on a Winner

    Or get this automated.....

    knowing me, I most like am doing this right now

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      Recently, I purchased a product about good niches and it explained me the most profitable niche markets that have high adsense yields and high pay per lead value. You can get that product here :

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    Here are some of the resources I like to use when searching for a hot niche...

    Top Searches on
    Ebay Pulse
    What's Hot on Ebay
    Amazon New Releases
    Top Clickbank Products

    Another great resource is a site called 43Things - Today's most popular goals on 43 Things

    This is a list of people's most popular goals... and it's a goldmine of information to marketers. This site not only reveals some very hungry markets, it also reveals the thoughts, dreams, and aspirations of your target market.

    Forums can also be a goldmine for finding hot, targeted niches within a broad marketplace. Forums are incredibly valuable because you are able to find out exactly what your prospects are looking for. You basically get to step inside their shoes, feel their frustrations, and discover their goals and aspirations.

    I also like to use what's called "discovery keywords" in order to find hot niche markets.

    Here are some examples...

    How to
    How to get rid of
    How to fix
    How do I
    How to Remove
    How do you
    How to Remove
    How to prevent
    How to quit

    There are more, but these will give you a good start.

    Here's what you do with these keyword phrases...

    First, you need to open up the Google Keywords Tool.

    Put one of the discovery keyword phrases into the search box. Make sure that the "Use Synonyms" box is uncheked. You'll find this box directly underneath the search box.

    You're going to uncheck this box because you want to find results with your exact phrase included.

    Once you've done this, go ahead and press the button that says, "Get keyword ideas".

    Browse through the results and I bet you'll find a ton of hot markets.

    Hope this helps!

    I've create a video that shows exactly how to uncover targeted niches and buyer keyword phrases that convert quickly and easily to affiliate sales. Check out my signature for more information...

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