bringing my autoresponder in-house

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OK - I easily lose hundreds of dollars every month due to issues with my AR service. I'm not going to go into details, but suffice it to say that everytime I have a huge drop in sales, I can track it back to the same 'issue'.

So I'm seriously looking at bringing this in-house.

What I'm wondering is this:

which hosting companies are friendly to email marketers? I don't want shutdown when I broadcast my list.
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    Hello Jason

    I can recommend a couple of specialist suppliers. I work with them on AutoResponse Plus but they work with others too.

    I'll PM the details to you.


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      Thirdsphere is very marketer friendly.

      I have Neil's AutoresponsePlus script installed and absolutely love it.
      Been using it around 5 years now without problem and great deliverability.
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    There's a lot of DLGuard clients using ARP, and all of the ones I've spoken to have been really happy it.

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    I've had ARP for six years and couldn't be happier.
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      Follow Up Autoresponder Pro.. is excellent and there is a WSO by the developer for 50% off:

      The developer, Radhika, also recommends hosts postured for the autoresponder. His service is also excellent.

      Autoresponder Plus.. is also a favorite of mine and my clients. I am a host and many of my clients also use Autoresponder Plus with excellent results. Only a few, over the years, have contacted me about support. I always send them to ARP Support "first" and if that fails I work with it personally. In all cases it was not a problem with ARP.

      The thing about any in-house AR is the delivery rate and send rate. Shared servers will always have poor to moderate delivery rates. Shared servers are usually not in the email business. Also, most hosts these days allow 250 sends per hour on a shared server.

      When the day is done and you examine your ROI.. it is almost always best to maintain your own email server if you have large lists and substantial email activity. That is accomplished with a "Dedicated Email Server" exclusive to your own use. Not to be confused with a general purpose server!

      Just my take on in-house ARs and self-managed email servers.

      Jeffery 100% :-)

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